Directed by Corey Yuen starring Jason Statham, Qi Shu and Francois Berléand.

He doesn't possess much in the way of range, but man, can Jason Statham look cool. Even when dropping clanger lines in dud movies like 'Ghosts of Mars' and 'The One' he still had a presence which screamed 'Potential Action Hero!' and 'The Transporter' sees him take his shot with some style.

Wheelman Frank Martin (Statham) lives by three rules. One: the deal is the deal. Two: no names. Three: never look in the package. It's a code which has stood him good stead as he transports dodgy goods and even dodgier people between hideouts and heists all over Europe. But what starts out as a routine drop-off soon turns into full-on mayhem across Southern France when Frank decides to open his boot and take a look inside.

Once Statham's character leaves his rules at the side of the road, director Yuen confines the Luc Besson-scripted plot to the backseat and puts his foot to the floor so he can bring the film in at under 90 minutes. That's the big letdown, but there's plenty to make up for it with some of the best-executed action scenes in ages.

Once you've calmed yourself down from the opening cops and robbers chase along the Riviera, you can look forward to Statham's raid on the baddie's lair, the RPG destruction of a villa, a deadly nighttime break-in and the Gold Star: an ingenious fight in a pool of oil at a bus depot. Through every shootout and scrap, Statham wallops and grimaces with the best of them, his own natural athletic ability (former diver, martial arts expert) meaning there's no need for stuntmen and just adding to the whole aura of cool.

Some heaped praise on 007's most recent adventure 'Die Another Day' but the CGI free thrills which 'The Transporter' offers are right up there with it. Corey Yuen for Bond? A better script and the campaign starts here.

Harry Guerin