Directed by Ahn Byung-ki, starring Ha Ji-won, Kim Yu-mi, Choi Woo-jae, Choi Ji-yeon and Eun Suh-woo.

Receiving death threats after her latest exposé, investigative reporter Ji-won (Ha) is forced to go into hiding at a house belonging to her best friend Ho-jung (Kim). But neither the house nor a change of phone number provide her with the peace of mind she craves. The house seems eerie, while her 'new' phone number, '6644', has some murky history to it. And when Ho-jung's daughter (Eun) accidentally answers a call, Ji-won finds that the consequences propel her deeper into terror.

Troubled children, terrible secrets, washed out colours, 'Phone' owes so much to the genre-defining 'Ring' that 'Ring Ring' would've been a better title. There are a few decent twists, but the looping narrative doesn't do the unfolding story many favours. As for the scares, they're style heavy but won't test the armrests too much. Fans of the genre would be well advised to bring a flashlight so they can figure out what's going on in some scenes; everyone else should wait until 'Ring' director Hideo Nakata unleashes the US remake of his own 'Ring 2' on the world.

Harry Guerin