Writer Cathy Kelly became the first contestant to be eliminated from Dancing with the Stars on Sunday night after an action packed show that saw all 12 couples dancing to stay in the competition for the first time.

The author and her professional partner Maurizio Benenato performed a decent Tango that earned them 15 points, but it wasn't enough to stay in the competition.

Speaking after being eliminated, she said: "It has been an amazing experience, it's been so much fun, I've had so much fun with Maurizio. I feel I've let him down because he's such an amazing teacher."

Standing in for presenter Jennifer Zamparelli, who tested positive for Covid during the week, was Lottie Ryan, the 2020 champion of the show, who said it was "an honour" to be there. She did her 2fm colleague proud during a nerve-wracking show for the contestants making their bid to progress to Movie Week next Sunday.

The story of the night:

Ellen Keane and Stephen Vincent

The first couple of the night were paralympic swimmer Ellen Keane and Stephen Vincent dancing a high-tempo Cha-cha-cha to Get Out of My Head by Shane Codd.

Host Nicky commented that they were "on fire" before head judge Loraine Barry complimented her footwork as being "beautiful". Arthur Gourounlian continued: "It's sexy and you made it look so much fun", but added that "I know you can give more!"

Brian Redmond declared that he would be shocked if she was eliminated this week, saying she has "gold medal winning legs when you're in the pool, almost on dry land too."

They scored a decent total of 21 points.

Aengus Mac Grianna and Emily Barker

Former newscaster Aengus Mac Grianna and Emily Barker were up next dancing a Waltz to If You Don't Know Me By Now by Seal. Although Nicky said that he "delivered" after a shaky rehearsal, the judges weren't convinced.

Arthur commented: "I didn't really feel it tonight. I wanted to see more, but I applaud you because you gave it your all."

Brian said the broadcaster's "right arm was too low" and that he looked like a "mischievous child" with his hands behind his back during the dance. He added that the "steps were ok, but it's about that top half".

Loraine added: "You were trying your best, but we need more, more swing, more turn and more sway."

They scored just 11 points for their effort.

Neil Delamere and Kylee Vincent

After a strong start in week one, comedian Neil Delamare and his partner Kylee Vincent continued their dancefloor success with an energetic and playful Charleston to I Don't Feel Like Dancing by The Baseballs. It earned them high praise from the judging panel.

Brian said: "It was pretty good, nice comedic value without being over the top. Overall Neil Delamare the funnyman, you can dance a bit!"

Loraine enthused: "I really liked it, there was so much variety and so much fun. It was jam-packed!"

Arthur added: "You can't be a chicken to take on a Charleston. You threw everything into your dance, that was so much fun. That lift at the end, bravo. Great job, loved it!"

They scored a healthy 22 points.

Cathy Kelly and Maurizio Benenato

Author Cathy Kelly and Maurizio Benenato were up next with a Tango to Call Me by Blondie.

Loraine complimented her "great heel leads" and "very good position" but said it "got a bit flighty".

Arthur said: "You have a passion and I'm not talking about your writing, I'm talking about your dancing!", but added that he wished her dancing was more "sharp, not stiff"

Brian commented: "It needs to have moments of stillness, it was probably a bit too Debbie Harry and not enough Dirty Harry, it needed more edge. It was ok, but didn't quite make my day."

They scored a total of 15.

Missy Keating and Ervinas Merfeldas

Up next dancing a spirited Samba to Dynamite by Sean Paul feat. Sia were influencer Missy Keating and her partner Ervinas Merfeldas.

Arthur said:" Missy Missy Missy from high school prom to Rio de Janeiro! Give me more, hit twice as hard, you can do it, I wished you shake it a bit more."

Brian commented: "Erica [Cody] set a record breaking standard for Samba last week, you were not far off. Your technique is good enough, you just need to believe in it a bit more and go for it more."

Loraine said: "I agree that the hips don't lie and they definitely moved tonight." She commended Missy during the freestyle, saying she "let it rip".

"A tremendous effort for what we all know is a very difficult dance," she added.

They scored 21 points.

Nicolas Roche and Karen Byrne

Cyclist Nicolas Roche and Karen Byrne took to the dancefloor next with a moody Viennese Waltz to Unplayed Piano by Damien Rice.

Brian was impressed by how much his posture has improved since his dancefloor debut, saying: "I love when somebody takes our critique and shoves it back in our face. Your spine was excellent tonight. That was a pretty solid improvement on what we saw a few weeks ago."

Loraine said: "I want to commend you both because I think this was a very beautiful presentation" but said he needs to improve his "volume, spaces, you need to open up the body. I really believe you can do it."

Arthur added: "I totally agree, I believe in you. You are still a little bit stiff, you have to relax a bit, but you still impressed me with this."

They scored a total of 16.

Matthew MacNabb and Laura Nolan

Love Islander Matthew MacNabb and Laura Nolan were up next with a Jive to Overpass Graffiti by Ed Sheeran. They were out to impress after a low score last week, but it didn't quite hit home with the judges.

Loraine said: "Let's make this very clear, what is your biggest asset - it's the feet - pumping, hopping, pounding, keeping that beat going. That's all that was lacking - a lot more pump."

Arthur commented: "With legs like yours you can kick to the moon and back, but I didn't see that. Delayed, delayed, delayed, work on your musicality. I know you can do better!"

Brian agreed, saying: "It just needs to be a little bit more on time. I liked the segments with the arms, showing potential there."

They scored just 11 points.

Gráinne Seoige and John Nolan

Dancing a sultry Paso Doble to Devil Woman by Cliff Richard were TV presenter Gráinne Seoige and John Nolan.

Arthur enthused: "Gráinne you made me sweat! So nice to see that sassy side of you, so confident this week, it's like a different person. Keep that up!"

Brian said she "captured the characteristic" of the dance but said it was "a bit hoppy" in parts. "The movement was too bouncy, but I love this for you", he added.

Loraine added: "It was Ice Queen to Flamenco Senorita! Very well choreographed Paso Doble." She said parts were "a bit flat, but your feet they are absolutely beautiful, and gorgeous legs let's have them out more often!"

They earned a total of 17 points.

Jordan Conroy and Salome Chachua

Irish rugby union player Jordan Conroy and Salome Chachua delighted the audience with a quick footed Quickstep to Lightning Bolt by Jake Bugg.

Brian exclaimed: "Woah there Nelly! It was great, lots of energy, but I just wanted it to take a breath a little bit, it was manic in places. Your feet needed to be a bit tidier in places."

Loraine agreed: "I do salute you, it was extremely fast but sometimes a little bit erratic and I want a little bit more finesse. The freestyle part - that's where you excelled. If we could just balance that I could really reward this Quickstep."

Arthur was fully on board for Jordan's Quickstep, saying: "You smashed it! I love manic, don't mind them!"

They earned 19 points from the judges.

Erica-Cody and Denys Samson

Singer-songwriter Erica-Cody and her partner Denys Samson made DWTS history last week with a red-hot Samba. This week they performed an elegant Foxtrot to My Girl by The Temptations that surely cemented their status as one of the favourite couples in the competition.

Loraine gushed: "Erica I'm so impressed with you, your feet are there, you're rolling though it. Points make prizes. Very good!"

Arthur continued: "Erica you are so suited to this show because of your versatility, you're a chameleon, a born performer."

Brian said she needed to make "a bit of improvement around your posture" but said her footwork was "perfect".

"Not maybe quite as good as your Samba, but for a Foxtrot, I'll take it," he added.

They scored an excellent 23 points, placing them at the top of the leaderboard.

Nina Carberry and Pasquale De La Rocca

Former jockey Nina Carberry and Pasquale De La Rocca were up next with a sensual and accomplished Rumba to Starlight by Yola.

A clearly taken aback Loraine said: "It was so good! It's the hardest dance to learn, and I'm a little bit tongue struck. It was there. Huge applause!"

Arthur continued: "Nina. Believe in yourself - you are sexy! Like a panther, I couldn't take my eyes off you. Mamma Mia, it's a yes from me!"

Brian said there was a "little bit missing in the middle, just to allow it flow through the hips, but I'm talking small". He added that it was "totally unexpected and very well done".

They took home the highest score of the night with a total of 25 points, which put them second on the leaderboard when combined with their previous marks.

Billy McGuinness and Hannah Kelly

Aslan star Billy McGuinness was up next with his partner Hannah Kelly dancing a perky Salsa to Papa Loves Mambo by Perry Como.

Brian wasn't full of praise, saying: "Well Billy you're definitely here for a good time, I'm just not sure if it'll be a long time!"

Loraine was a bit more positive, commenting: "This is what you call entertainment and I cannot argue with it. Is it the authentic, deep down and dirty Salsa? It is not. It is a little bit cheesy but everyone enjoyed it and you did too."

Arthur was enthusiastic in his feedback, adding: "What a fabulous way to close the show, you bring so much joy to the dancefloor. Unlike Loraine, I love cheese!"

They scored 13 points from the judges.

Dancing with the Stars continues with Movie Week next Sunday night at 6.30pm on RTÉ One and RTÉ Player.

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