Lottie Ryan and professional dance partner Pasquale La Rocca have been crowned Dancing with the Stars champions for 2020.

The pair fought back tears when the result of the public vote was announced on RTÉ One on Sunday night.

2FM presenter Ryan said taking part in the show had been "life-changing".

"This journey has been the best thing I have ever said 'yes' to," she continued. "Getting to meet these people, this man..."

They are the champions

La Rocca said he had made "a friend for life" in Ryan.

"It has been a dream for me to work with you," he added.

Ryan Andrews and his professional dance partner Giulia Dotta, Aidan Fogarty and pro dancer Emily Barker and Gráinne Gallanagh and her pro partner Kai Widdrington were the runners-up. 

Earlier on Sunday, RTÉ had announced that, "due to recommended guidance around coronavirus Covid-19", the final would take place on Sunday night, with the four couples bypassing the semi-final completely - and no studio audience on the night.

You can watch the final on the RTÉ Player.

The Story of the Show - the performances in reverse order:

Gráinne Gallanagh and Kai Widdrington
For their second dance, Gráinne and Kai were joined by Stephen Vincent for a Charleston to Janelle Monáe's Dance Apocalyptic.

After the routine, judge Darren Bennett saluted all the dancers and the production team. "That trio had everything," he then told Gráinne, Kai and Stephen. "Great Charleston."

Fellow judge Brian Redmond loved the content and its construction. He said it was the happiest he had seen Gráinne look in a non-ballroom dance. "If we could pick a number to finish on this would be it," he concluded.

Head judge Loraine Barry loved the content - and the smiles. She hailed it as a "tremendous collaboration". "What a fantastic ending you've given everyone here and at home with all those smiles," she said. "We'll get through this." Gráinne, Kai and Stephen scored the maximum 30 for their Charleston.

For their first dance, Gráinne and Kai danced a Foxtrot to Harry Styles' Falling.

Loraine Barry said "the ballroom girl is back". She felt Gráinne had "made it look so easy". "This is the way to put your mark on the final tonight," she said.

Darren Bennett said it was a "pure Foxtrot". "The whole technique book was in that," he added.

Brian Redmond said Kai had "choreographed the Foxtrot that he wanted to do". "And that's great testament to you," he told Gráinne. "It was soft, subtle and emotive all the way through," he added. Gráinne and Kai scored 27 for their Foxtrot.

Lottie Ryan and Pasquale La Rocca
For their second dance, Lottie and Pasquale teamed up with Ryan McShane for a Cha-Cha-Cha to Riton x Oliver Heldens' Turn Me On

Loraine Barry felt Lottie and co had "the right chemistry and the perfect formula together". "It was cheeky, clever - well done," she said.

Darren Bennett said Lottie, Pasquale and Ryan had "turned it on". "By far the best Cha-Cha-Cha of the season," he opined.

Brian Redmond said he couldn't take his eyes off Lottie "from start to finish". He said Lottie had given it her all "every single week". Lottie, Pasquale and Ryan scored a maximum 30 from the judges for their Cha-Cha-Cha.

For their first dance, Lottie and Pasquale danced the Quickstep to Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett's duet It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing).

Brian Redmond paid tribute to Lottie's "phenomenal" attention to detail. He said she was an "absolute angel" in the routine.

Loraine Barry said the couple "didn't miss a beat". She said they didn't just play out the storyline - they "danced it out".

Darren Bennett said it was "everything you want in a Quickstep in a final". "Brilliant job, guys," he concluded. Lottie and Pasquale scored the maximum 30 from the judges for the Quickstep - the first time they had received three tens.

Ryan Andrews and Giulia Dotta
For their second dance, Ryan and Giulia were joined by Karen Byrne for their American Smooth to Michael Bublé's version of I Get a Kick out of You.

Brian Redmond said it was "brilliantly done". He said Karen had enhanced Ryan and Giulia's partnership and that the performance proved, once again, that Ryan deserved his place in the final.

Loraine Barry called it a "fabulous" routine. "This was a tremendous trio," she said.

Darren Bennett said it was "the showman with a showstopper". "This was a magical American Smooth," he concluded. Ryan, Giulia and Karen scored the maximum 30 for their American Smooth.

For their first dance, Ryan and Giulia danced the Samba to Šum Svistu's Lo-Lo Dzama.

Darren Bennett said they "pulsated, gyrated and rotated" all through the dance. He saluted the "great physicality" and called it a "great job".

Brian Redmond said the Samba "went right back to its African roots". He wanted more articulation through the feet, but concluded by calling Ryan "a great dancer".

Loraine Barry said it was "fantastic". "I don't know how you pulled this one off in one week," she added. Ryan and Giulia scored 29 for their Samba - tens from Loraine and Darren and a nine from Brian.

Aidan Fogarty and Emily Barker
For their second dance, Aidan and Emily danced the Salsa to Pitbull's I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho), joined by their trio dance partner Laura Nolan.

Darren Bennett said the trio's Salsa had "great interplay". He wanted more hip action, but joked that Aidan had "a more enjoyable week than most".

Brian Redmond praised Aidan's partnership with Emily, and said they had incorporated Laura into it. He said there were some fluidity issues, but that it looked like Aidan was having the night of his dreams!

Loraine Barry said it had "everything we want from a Salsa". "I thought it was just brilliant," she concluded. Aidan, Emily and Laura scored 27 for their Salsa.

For their first dance, Aidan and Emily danced a Viennese Waltz to Westlife's Another Life.

Loraine Barry called it "pure, beautiful Viennese Waltz". "That was just sublime," she added.

Darren Bennett said the dance was "intimate, romantic and beautiful to watch". He concluded that Aidan and Emily had set the standard with the opening performance of the night.

Brian Redmond said it felt as if Aidan was trying too hard at some points, but described the routine as "classical Viennese Waltz content from start to finish", and Aidan and Emily as "a winning combination". Aidan and Emily scored 26 for their Viennese Waltz.