Mullingar superstar Niall Horan has revealed he has written a song with Lewis Capaldi but is unsure if it is "good enough" to release.

The 26-year-old singer-songwriter teased fans with the news of the track as he walked the red carpet at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Seville in Spain on Sunday.

However, he was quick to warn that the song with Lewis Capaldi may not see the light of day.

The former One Direction star said: "We don't know yet. We wrote something and if it's good enough we will release it."

Niall Horan perform at MTV European Music Awards
Niall Horan performed his latest single Nice To Meet Ya at the MTV Europe Music Awards

Capaldi is set to join Horan as a supporting act on his Nice To Meet Ya tour across North America next year.

Horan, who is gearing up to release his second album as a solo artist also admitted that he "forgot" how crazy the publicity trail can be.  

Speaking about the album he said: "It's been good. I had a lot of fun writing it and I'm just happy to be back doing this kind of stuff because when you spend so many hours in the studio you miss all of this.

"When I got out of the car tonight I got a shock because I forgot what all of this was like. It's crazy.

Niall Horan on the red carpet in Seville, Spain
Selfie time! Niall Horan delights fans on the red carpet

"But making the album was just a lot of love. I put no real pressure on myself and I feel like, because of that, I got some good songs.

"The last time I released music I was 23 and now I am 26.

"You don't realise but between 23 and 26 you learn so much about yourself, you learn so much musically. Your playing gets better. Your songwriting gets better.

"I would say it has changed a bit."

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