Lewis Capaldi is some man for one man. With a penchant for towel hair turbans, fitted tracksuits, leopard print silk pyjamas and 90s-infused sunglasses come rain, hail or shine, the perennial joker and undeniably talented singer-songwriter is the definition of viral gold.

Thank You, Next:

The Someone You Loved singer hit a major milestone after his debut album Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent hit the number one spot in the UK charts, as well as becoming the fastest-selling album of 2019 so far. And just like one of his hit songs, he's shown that he is full of Grace. Well, kind of . . . 

To mark his awesome achievement, the 22-year-old Scottish singer gave a priceless acceptance speech for the Official Charts social media platforms.

In the clip shared to Instagram and Twitter, Capaldi applauded himself for finally making some cash while also joking that his album was better than LCD Soundsystem, The Killers and Hot Snake.

Pulling his Wheat:

Capaldi almost broke the internet when he landed a guest shift at a Greggs sandwich shop while he was in the area performing at BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend.

Donning the full uniform, including a hairnet, he told customers that he was on work experience and served up sandwiches and those infamous sausage rolls.

The bakery chain even swapped their name to 'Capaldi's' for the singer's stint AND printed his name on the serving bags. 

After taking time to have a natter with fans, he went outside the shop for an impromptu acoustic performance, dedicating a song to Greggs that is more than likely called 'I Love Greggs'.

Not throwing shade:

A fashion icon in the making, Capaldi knows how to wear novelty shades and 'clout goggles' like a boss. 

"At this stage it's getting ridiculous. I've definitely got at least 125 pairs of sunglasses. We've got a suitcase that we take with us because people keep on bringing me them," he told Free Radio.

"People keep on bringing me sunglasses which is lovely. This is who I am now, apparently...".

The singer, who admits his mum still washes his pants, recently gave Lorraine Kelly a special gift on her talk show.

The star whipped out a pair of red love heart sunglasses, which Lewis has been seen in.

He then shoved a pair of white sunglasses on himself, telling the host, "Everything looks better with these on." And we couldn't agree more!

Left Swipe:

Capaldi has been no stranger to talking about his past experiences on infamous online dating app Tinder.

Back in November 2018, the thrilled ballader took to Twitter after being nominated for a Brit award, joking about it being "one for the Tinder bio" that "seriously needed to change".

The Lost on You singer recently addressed his followers in an Instagram story revealing the one very rude thing he would never do. Let's just say he has a way with words.....

Lewis said: "Had a lot of messages from people saying 'you've matched with me on Tinder'.

"I do have one, but I just want to let you know that if at any point someone has messaged saying 'can I send you a picture of my p***s?' it's not me.

"First of all, I've never asked someone if I can send them a picture of my p***s, cos I'm not a weirdo.

"Second of all, I've not got a very impressive p***s, so I wouldn't want to be showing it to people. I don't want to show it to people who want to see it at the best of times.

"And third of all is because the only time I've ever taken what could be perceived as a nude picture of myself is when I was taking a picture of my a******e because I thought I had a hemorrhoid. Even then I couldn't work out what was going on down there."

Knowing Me, Knowing You:

Most celebrities never admit to Googling themselves – especially when it comes to personal information like their net worth and dating life. But, alas, Capaldi isn't your average star.

In a spectacularly funny video which he shared with 2.8m followers, he pointed out some inaccuracies in his online bio while slamming the fact that he looked like a 'serial killer' in one of the pics. He also shared some NSFW info about his love life.

In a separate post, he revealed exactly how much money he has in his bank account, which all started when he read online that he's worth a massive $10 million. 

"I've had a wee look here and it says 'according to the latest reports of Forbes and Wikipedia Lewis Capaldi's estimated net worth is $10 million'," he declared. 

"I've got less than £200 pound in my bank account, so who the f**k stole my ten million?!"

Capaldi then pleaded with the tax man not to jump to conclusions. 

Heading in the right direction:

Capaldi's bromance with Niall Horan is no secret. Especially after he publicly declared that the Mullingar man "has the best smelling hair I've ever come across in my life".

Their BFF status began to blossom when the former 1D-er asked Capaldi to join him for two dates in Glasgow on his tour. Since then, the pair have cemented their BFF status on social media and dropped hints that they may collaborate soon.

"Just the fact, he's so nice, do you know what I mean?’ he told Metro.co.uk. "The way someone who’s that successful and had done massive things on his own and with One Direction, to still be as humble as he is and as sound as he is is a big thing for me.

"You might get big and become an a**hole and there is no reason for it. He’s one of the biggest pop singers in the world and you can just sit with him in the pub.

"The way he treats people around him, no matter who they are, it’s all the same soundness. That’s all I took away from it."

Capaldi recently gushed over his bromance with Horan in a game of 'To Bae, Or Not To Bae'.

It was clear that no-one could replace Horan in Lewis' eyes when he was asked about his feelings towards the 25-year-old Irish star on Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp.

"We're best friends. He loves me," confirmed Lewis, before saying Niall would rattle on for hours about him.

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