Newly-released children's film Abominable has caused a ruckus in a number of countries across Asia.

The film is about a lonely Chinese girl who stumbles across a lost yeti living on the roof of her Beijing apartment block.

In a scene which has caused anger in some Asian countries, a map of the South China Sea dating from 1947 features, showing the "nine-dash line" which incorporates more of the territory than the neighbouring countries believe it is entitled to claim.

The offending scene is only a few seconds long but it has caused Vietnam to ban the film, and for politicians in the Philippines to call for a boycott of film company DreamWorks, and now for Malaysia to request that the film be edited. 

Eddie Izzard voices the baddie Mr Burnswith 

A statement from the Malaysian Film Board said the film will be released on November 7 if the controversial scene is edited out of the film.

Filipino politician Teddy Locsin voiced his annoyance on Twitter, saying:

"What about cutting out that scene? You're a lawyer, on what ground can we ban - and which agency has that power - an implicit message, assuming any Filipino will assert his First Amendment right in the case? For me call a universal boycott of all @Dreamworks productions from here on."

The film is currently in Irish films nationwide.

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