Katy Perry has said she is open to collaborating with Taylor Swift now that the pair have put their past feud behind them and moved on.

The two popstars displayed their truce in Swift's You Need To Calm Down music video, and opened up about their decision to talk things through and move on from the drama that surrounded them for years.

While expressing an interest in teaming up with Swift for a song, Perry praised her intelligence and songwriting skills.

"I'm open, I'm open [to a collaboration]! You know, one of my favourite songs of hers off of a couple of records past is Begin Again," Perry told Roman Kemp on Capital Breakfast.

"I love... I really like what she's saying in The Archer.  I think she's really intelligent, there's lots of layers to her. You know, I get the singles, a lot of people know us from the singles but when you dig deep, there's depth."

Swift recently told US Vogue that after she reached out to Perry, the pair spent hours talking and decided they wanted to be an example of moving on.

"She wrote back, 'This makes me so emotional. I'm so up for this. I want us to be that example. But let's spend some time together. Because I want it to be real'. So she came over and we talked for hours," Swift said.

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