Bono has sent U2 fans into a frenzy after saying the band are "going away now" as they concluded their Experience + Innocence tour in Berlin on Tuesday night.

The frontman told the crowd at the Mercedes-Benz Arena, "We've been on the road for quite some time now - it's going on 40 years - and this last four years have been really something very special for us. We're going away now."

He went on to thank the fans who "followed us all over the world".

"It's astonishing. You're ridiculous people!" he said.

The fan account U2gigs posted a transcript and video of Bono's comments.

However, the account later tried to assuage fears that the band have quit touring, tweeting: "Every tour I've covered, right back to Vertigo [2004-2006 tour], every final gig is the same: mass panic that this is the last gig. (Well, OK, not on JT30 [the Joshua Tree 30th anniversary tour] since this tour had already been announced.)

"Ten bucks says I'll be covering another gig with you folks sometime down the track."

However, another tweet added: "I will concede that this is the first time the mass panic has at least seemed plausible. But there'll be *something* for [debut album] Boy at 40 or AB [Achtung Baby] at 30, or a new record. U2 won't sit still and they won't break up, and they've got enough years ahead of them yet to fit in more gigs!"

There has been speculation that the frontman might have made the remark due to recent health issues.

Bono has spoken about the toll touring takes on him physically

The famed frontman recently opened up about the toll touring takes on him physically and explained how his brushes with mortality have impacted him.

"This tour is particularly demanding," he told The Sunday Times. "Whether you have a face-off with your own mortality or somebody close to you does, you are going to get to a point in your life where you ask questions about where you're going."

When asked if that means there won't be another U2 tour after this one, he replied: "I don't know. I don't take anything for granted."

U2's tour was due to have ended in Dublin at the 3Arena last Saturday, but they returned to Germany to make up for the gig that had to be stopped due to Bono losing his voice at the start of their European trek.

At the end of the band's Lovetown tour at the Point - now the 3Arena - in December 1989, Bono famously told the crowd:  "We have to go away and just dream it all up again."

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