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Fair City

Bob and Renee celebrate their engagement on Fair City

This week on Fair City, Miriam is horrified when she receives a phonecall from Oakley and fears he is free. She remains shaken even after she hears he is under guard. D.I. McCabe later revealed that Oakley has escaped and fled the country.

Elsewhere, Renee wants to celebrate her engagement as Farrah is coming home but Carol is not in the mood. Later, Bob reveals he has put an engagement notice in the Irish Society and the celebrate with everyone.

Carol is torn when Robbie brings her a thoughtful birthday gift. Nora tries to talk Carol round and offers to mind Jack. Aoife is put out at Robbie’s determination to get Carol back. Carol isolates herself from support and threatens Robbie with a legal separation in front of Cathal. For more, click here.


Honey finds out Billy cheated on her with Tina on EastEnders

This week on EastEnders, there's plenty of drama for Billy who gets sacked from his job. Later in the week, Billy lies to Honey and tells her that Pam and Lee have given him a pay rise. Billy tries to get his job back by calling Les but it doesn't work out. Tina advises Billy to get a new job but Les gets in his way. 

Tina consoles Billy about his predicament, which is witnessed by Honey. Billy finally tries to tell Honey the truth about the job, but instead it comes out that he has slept with Tina. Will Honey be able to forgive him? For more, click here.

Coronation Street

Rana is horrified when Zeedan forces her to confess her affair to her family on Coronation Street

This week on Coronation Street, Rana is taken by surprise when she gets a text from her parents saying they are calling over and Zeedan forces her to confess about her affair.

When Zeedan reveals that her lover is a woman her parents are stunned, but Zeedan is shocked by their next move.

Peter is fuming about Carla's fling with Daniel and berates her for sleeping with someone so young. For more, click here.


Rebecca wakes out of her coma on Emmerdale

This week on Emmerdale, Rebecca wakes up from her coma in the hospital and her memory of the car crash which killed her dad and sister floors back.

Lachlan is terrified when Rebecca confronts him and tells him she knows he's responsible for Chrissie and Lawrence's deaths. Rebecca returns to Home Farm to try to remember more about the fatal car crash.

Elsewhere, when Cain is accused of throwing a brick at Bishop Barry's car, Harriet admits that she did it. What will the repercussions be? For more, click here.


Karl and Susan return home from London but they're not exactly feeling refreshed

Karl and Susan return from London but they're not exactly feeling refreshed and revived. Karl's mood darkens when he hears that the new hospital wing is going ahead - thanks to Paul.

Things further deteriorate when he learns that Susan gave Paul permission without telling him.

Elsewhere, Mishti applies pressure to Fay and she caves, admitting that she fabricated her confession to Hamish's murder. For more, click here.

Home and Away


Alf's estranged daughter shows up, wanting to take her son Ryder away with her.

The young man is clearly unwilling to be uprooted and Alf persuades his daughter to stay for a few days.

However, this does not improve Ryder's mood and he flips out when he overhears his mother talking about him and storms off with Alf's car keys. For more, click here.

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