This week on Emmerdale, Rebecca wakes up from her coma in the hospital and her memory of the car crash which killed her dad and sister floors back.

Lachlan is terrified when Rebecca confronts him and tells him she knows he's responsible for Chrissie and Lawrence's deaths. Rebecca returns to Home Farm to try to remember more about the fatal car crash.

Elsewhere, when Cain is accused of throwing a brick at Bishop Barry's car, Harriet admits that she did it. What will the repercussions be?

Cain is furious when Ross tells him he's not longer on board with the plan to get revenge on Joe Tate for hurting Debbie.  

Cain puts a revenge plan against Joe into action, but it all blows up

Debbie later tells Cain she wants him to buy drugs and plant them on Joe. Cain buys drugs off Simon and offers him extra cash to plant them at Joe's house. However, he doesn't realise that Joe's righthand man Graham has heard every word...

The revenge plan goes horribly wrong later in the week when Debbie asks Simon to throw acid on Joe. The attack goes haywire when Simon throws acid in the driver window of Joe's car, but it's Ross who's behind the wheel...

At Wishing Well Zak and Sam are trying to patch up the place which has been partially demolished by Joe. Lisa returns home and is fuming to see the place in such a state. She isn't impressed by her family's attempts at the repairs and when she touches a wall, it promptly falls over.

The Dingle's try to patch up the Wishing Well