Saoirse Ronan has said that her mother makes sure she eats healthily by ordering vegetables from Whole Foods online and having them delivered to her apartment in Los Angeles. 

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, Saoirse said that: ''She bought vegetables for me to cook with. I have such a great mam. She makes sure I'm getting a good dinner from across the pond.''

She said: ''You do have a lot of stuff done for you when you're young as an actor. People tell you where to go, where to stand. People steam your dress and make you cups of tea. I remember on 'Atonement,' an AD [assistant director] came over to me and asked me if I wanted anything, and I asked for a cup of tea.

My mom called them back and said: 'No, she'll go and make her own tea.' Little, gentle reminders like that helped me separate real life from on-set life.''

The Atonement star when asked about her relationship with her mother said: ''We talk more than once a day. The only reason we're not talking now is because she's probably asleep. I want to know what she had for dinner.''

Saoirse Ronan will be presenting the US hit show Saturday Night Live tonight.