Gavin James has teased the highly anticipated follow-up to his hugely successful debut album Bitter Pill, saying it will be 'more upbeat and happy' but will of course include a 'super dramatic' slow ballad too.

The 26-year-old musician has just released his new single Hearts on Fire, the first from his next album which he will record over Christmas and release next year.

Speaking about the reaction to the single so far, James said he is "chuffed" with the feedback he has gotten from his fans.

"I'm chuffed like because it was two years ago that Bitter Pill, my first album, came out so it's going to be a nice change of pace to have a new song, it's a bit different too than the other stuff I've brought out recently," he told RTÉ Entertainment.

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Since Bitter Pill's release in 2015, James has racked up over half a billion streams online, sold over 2 million singles and he is currently joining Niall Horan on the North American leg of his tour. His next album has been inspired by how his life has changed over the past few years as a result, and being away from his friends and family.

"I kind of wrote, just because my whole life has changed a lot over the last four years, I've been away from my whole family and all my friends, well actually my friends play with me so they support me, and my best buddy Craig Gallagher comes on the road with me all the time, so he supports," he said.

"Then just about maintaining relationships with people when you're away for months at a time and trying to do that. So a lot of the inspiration came from that, and getting used to that. Then just getting generally a bit older and more aware of things around you."

James added that the album will be lighter than his first record saying, "It's not as dark as the first one, well the first one wasn't actually quite dark, but it's not as relationshippy based as the first one.

"Well, it kinda is, but not really. There's definitely a slow ballad in there that's super dramatic but most of it is quite upbeat and happy."

Hearts on Fire is out now.

Gavin James. Pic: Ryan Jafarzadeh