Dublin actor Colin Farrell has spoken about his joy when his son James took his first steps. The actor is at the Toronto Film Festival promoting The Killing Of A Sacred Deer.

In the film Farrell plays a father who is given a terrible choice in the film. When being interviewed he was asked to share a joyful story from his real life as a dad.

"When James took his first steps a couple weeks short of his fourth birthday, it was pretty amazing and humbling to see," Farrell says.

Farrell's son James, 14, (next week), has Angelman Syndrome which affects motor development.

The actor said that: "People talk about the children taking the first step, it’s obviously a monumental moment and it’s been represented in film," Farrell says. "But to be told your child may never take the first step and then see those first steps is just kind of a different sport all together."

Farrell says that while any child taking their first steps is a momentous occasion, it meant even more to him knowing his son worked hard to reach that milestone.

Nicole Kidman did not answer this question as she said that her children with Keith Urban had banned her from talking about them and would find out if she said anything.