It seems that pop megastar Adele isn't the only person who is suffering from voice problems - The Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik has been ordered by doctors not to speak for a month after she strained her vocal cords.

Some people may wish it was verbose theoretical physicist Sheldon Cooper who will have to keep schtum for 30 days but Bialik, who plays Sheldon's long-suffering girlfriend Dr Amy Farrah Fowler on the hit show, has posted on Instagram and YouTube to explain her plight - using sign language and some tasteful guitar music.

In a video delivered by an American Sign Language interpreter, Bialik said she started losing her voice two years ago and that while rehabilitation helped at first, she has now lost it again.

"It’s been like this for month," she said. "This time the ENT [ear, nose and throat specialist] announced more severe damage than two years ago… I have been put on doctor’s orders to shut up. My boyfriend thinks this is hysterical."

Bialik is not the only Big Bang Theory star to suffer misfortune recently - last week, John Galecki (who plays Leonard on the show) revealed that his house, which is located on a 1,200-acre ranch, had burned down in a wildfire in southern California.