Joss Whedon may have created one of the most memorable feminist icons in Buffy Summers, but that hasn't saved the director and writer from being accused of sexism after his unfinished Wonder Woman script was leaked online.

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator was recruited to write the superhero script in 2005 but was unable to complete a final draft and left the project two years later.

Gal Gadot in Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman

Now, the unfinished script has made its way onto the Internet after Indie Ground Films uploaded the manuscript, and it's causing quite the ruckus on Twitter.

Descriptions of Wonder Woman's appearance have drawn the most derision. She is detailed in the script as "impossibly strong and scantily clad" with a body that is "curvaceous, but taut as a drawn bow".

Commentators have taken to the social media site to deride the script for being "cluelessly sexist", "cringey" and "horrific".

Following the backlash, fans have expressed worry about Whedon writing and directing the upcoming Batgirl movie. Batgirl would be the second movie from DC Films to star a female lead after Gal Gadot's highly-praised Wonder Woman.

However, not all commentators have lambasted Whedon, with Movie Pilot's editor Alisha Grauso pointing out: "Even the most well-meaning of us have to actively work to evolve."

Whedon has not yet publicly commented on the leaked script.

Director Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman is in cinemas now.