With the live-action Beauty and the Beast now in cinemas, and the just-announced news that The Matrix is coming back, Harry Guerin takes a look at the sense of déjà vu we'll be experiencing on the big screen in the months ahead as Hollywood runs ever shorter on new ideas.

CHiPs - March 24
That wailing of a police siren sounds uncannily like the bottom of a barrel being scraped - and Baywatch is providing back-up. The original CHiPs - shown three times a day by RTÉ until The A-Team's van rolled up to Montrose in 1983 - was notable for four things: the coolness of the bikes; the tightness of the trousers, the height of star Erik Estrada's hair and the wattage of his smile - used to nightmare-inducing effect for the freeze frame at the end of every episode.

We haven't long to wait to see if writer-director-star Dax Shepard and partner-in-policing Michael Pena have come up with a buddy movie that, quality-wise, is more Lethal Weapon than Starsky and Hutch. But it looks like there's an APB out for a decent plot in the trailer...

Power Rangers - March 24
They never went away, you know. Out for Corrie-style longevity on the small screen (they're on the go since 1993), the mighty morphers have been brought back from the movie dead for a new adventure, 20 years after the last one tanked.

This reboot has a $105m budget; Elizabeth Banks as villain Rita Repulsa and Bryan Cranston as the teen heroes' mentor, Zordon. And what's this? A couple of decent laughs in the trailer? Maybe Marvel and DC won't have it all their own way in future...

Going in Style - April 7
Now here's a troika that will actually put some smiles on Irish faces. Alan Arkin, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman play the three retirees who decide to get even with a bank (that's box office smash in Ireland sorted, then) in this remake of the 1979 heist caper.

The masterminds of this particular score are Garden State director Zach Braff and writer Theodore Melfi - the man behind the Oscar-nominated feelgood of Hidden Figures. In front of the camera, the three elder statesman of the big screen bounce off each other exactly how you'd expect, with the trailer alone having more decent gags than all of Bad Neighbours 2.

Alien: Covenant - May 12
Ok, not strictly a reboot but after the ho-hum of Prometheus in 2012, Ridley Scott has some making up to do - starting with the title. Word is the man is back on form as a new space crew - Katherine Waterston, James Franco, Billy Crudup, Danny McBride and Demián Bichir among them - are put through the ringer.

If that's not excitement enough, Scott had the sense to bring back Michael Fassbender, who this time is playing two roles: Prometheus' evil android David and a new model, Walter. The Kerryman has described the film as "super scary", and he's not a fella known for the oul hyperbole...

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword - May 19
Billed by star Charlie Hunnam as "Lord of the Rings meets Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels", director Guy Ritchie's retelling of the sword in the stone is the first of a planned six-movie series. As if we weren't worried enough...

Originally scheduled for release last year, the action-comedy will have its work cut out just as much in 2017. Ritchie is reunited here with his Sherlock Holmes star Jude Law and we're promised giant elephants and snakes to go with the banter and set-pieces. No guarantees they'll get enough bums on seats mind.

Baywatch - June 2
Ah thanks - Body Dysmorphic Disorder for everyone in the audience. Abs gods Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron team up with True Detective's Alexandra Daddario and former Miss World Priyanka Chopra for the action-comedy adaptation of the TV series that teenagers all around the world preferred to watch in their rooms, alone.

Horrible Bosses director Seth Gordon and original stars The Hoff and Pamela Anderson are beside the seaside too, so maybe the laughs will cancel out the guilt for buying the nachos on the way in.

Wonder Woman - June 2
After Gal Gadot's show-stealing cameo as the lasso-swinging icon in the longer-than-a-state funeral Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman gets her own live-action movie - and it's only taken 75 years.

The omens are good. Patty Jenkins, who directed Charlize Theron to an Oscar in Monster, is calling the shots, and the trailer gets the mirth to mayhem ratio just right. If you're suffering advanced superhero fatigue, think about giving this a twirl.

The Mummy - June 9
Tom Cruise's obsession with running very fast has gathered such pace in recent years that a spot on the plane for Tokyo 2020 is looking like a distinct possibility. His latest audition for Team USA sees him out for a personal best in franchise territory as movie giant Universal brings the first of its monsters back from the dead. The London-via-Egypt adventure is set in the present day - so no legging it around in jodhpurs for the man himself - and Russell Crowe is in on the action too as one Doctor Henry Jekyll.

Whatever numbers the movie does at the box office will be dwarfed by all the new cases of pattern baldness as movie buffs around the world again try to figure out why an actor who has starred in The Colour of Money, Rain Man, Born on the Fourth of July, Magnolia and Collateral has decided that this project is the best use of his energy - a riddle almost as old as time. 

The Beguiled - June 23
Colin Farrell will be turning on the swarthy charm in this remake of director Don Siegel and star Clint Eastwood's swampy gothic story of lust and revenge during the American Civil War. The 1971 original gave Eastwood one of the best roles of his career as the wounded soldier who worms his way into the bedrooms of the women at an all-girls boarding school, and Farrell is in the best of company here.

The movie sees the Dubliner directed by Lost in Translation and The Virgin Suicides' Sofia Coppola with Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst and Elle Fanning among his characters' conquests. The teaser gets the spooky and sensual tone just right - and that's before Farrell delivers one of the lines of his career at the end.

Spider-Man: Homecoming - July 7
As debuts go, Tom Holland's introduction as the teenage Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Captain American: Civil War was really something. That back-and-forth between himself and Robert Downey Jr in the webslinger's room? Best thing about the movie. 

Well, Downey Jr rejoins Holland for the young British star's front-and-centre adventure and, in a nice bit of ironic casting, former Batman Michael Keaton plays the villain. After five Spider-Man movies were released in the space of 12 years - three with Tobey Maguire, two with Andrew Garfield - there's a fear this could be a bridge swing too far, but we're promised a bit of John Hughesesque heartstring-pulling to go with all the derring-do, so maybe this will turn out to be the best of the lot. 

Murder on the Orient Express - November 24
Now here's a thing: a run-up-to Christmas release for an old school whodunit that's on TV every Christmas. Can this remake improve on the 1974 all-star version of the Agatha Christie classic? Well, its list of passengers is also first class. 

Along with Kenneth Branagh directing himself as Poirot, Olivia Colman, Penélope Cruz, Judi Dench, Willem Dafoe, Johnny Depp (in decent movie choice shocker!), Derek Jacobi, Michelle Pfeiffer and Daisy Ridley are aboard too. No trailer yet, but given what Branagh achieved as the star and director of Dead Again all those years ago, our tickets are booked.

Jumanji - December 29
The 1995 Robin Williams movie, which many kids took as the green light to wreck their own gaffs when they arrived home from cinemas, is set to offer a new generation of parents mind-the-vase nightmares at the end of the year as the jungle-based jeopardy resumes.

This time, a video game replaces a board game at the centre of the action with Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillan the avatars of four teenage pals. Johnson and Hart made for a fine bromance in Central Intelligence; Black showed his chaos smarts in the hugely underrated Goosebumps and Doctor Who was never the same after Gillan left. So we're expecting a bit...

And as for sequels, brace yourselves:

Fast & Furious 8 - April 12

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 - April 28

Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge - May 26

Transformers: The Last Knight - June 23

Despicable Me 3 - June 30

War of the Planet of the Apes - July 14

Cars 3 - July 14

Flatliners - September 29 

Kingsman: The Golden Circle - September 29

Blade Runner 2049 - October 6

Saw: Legacy - October 20

Thor: Ragnarok - October 27

Paddington 2 - November 10

Justice League - November 17

Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi - December 15

Pitch Perfect 3 - December 22