The Works Presents is a five-part series in which John Kelly meets five women in Irish culture, all working at the height of their powers. In this second episode John meets artist, Dorothy Cross.

Dorothy Cross is one of Ireland's leading international artists. She has stated that she finds a shark is as much a treasure as a Vemeer.

In this second episode in the series, Dorothy discusses the natural environment from which she regularly uses objects found within for her work. 

One of her latest works, Everest Erratic, was commissioned by IMMA's for its exhibition Desire. This work seems relevant as Everest has now become a tourist destination providing a much-desired conquest for so many to the detriment not only to many tourists, who die there, but to the mountain and its ecology.

In conversation with John, Dorothy explains how nature nurtures her and how she has always wanted to live by the sea. Dorothy is someone who cherishes our native landscapes and all the life they hold. Her works bring nature very much into our cultural life.

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