Via Sunday Miscellany on RTÉ Radio 1, in her audio essay The Fields In His Eyes, Lani O'Hanlon tries not to tame a feral cat - listen to it above...

'The feral cat comes to our door almost every day now. Blotch, Sarah named him, because he's a tabby, and it suits him... I sip my coffee and pretend not to see him, though sometimes he catches me looking at him and other times I catch him looking in at me. I have tried to be cat-like, squinting my eyes at him and once or twice he has squinted back; you could say that we have a sort of relationship.

‘I had a boyfriend like Blotch once. I'd be on my way to secondary school and I'd see him with his golden Labrador on the way back from a hike up to the Three Rock. He'd look at me with those green eyes and then look the other way...'

Sunday Miscellany, Sunday, 9.10 - 10am, RTÉ Radio 1 - listen back here.