What happens to lost letters? In Helen Cullen's debut novel, they end up in the Dead Letters Depot in East London, where William Woolf works as a detective. His job: to reunite those letters with their rightful owners.

William is stuck in a rut, his marriage to Clare is at a crossroads. Neither is sure of whether to stay or go and so they seesaw, up and down, up and down. 

When William comes across a letter addressed to 'My Great Love,' written by someone who calls themselves Winter, he is intrigued. He is captivated by the passion in the letter and those that follow and asks himself if the letters are meant for him - is he her great love? So he sets out to find her, a decision made easier because of the struggles between him and Clare. His search takes him from London to Dublin and back again.

What will happen to him - to him and Clare - if he finds her? Or if he doesn't? This is a story of lost and found, letters and people that have gone astray. 

For me, neither William nor Clare were particularly warm or engaging. The parts about the letters were the most interesting, and I would have loved more of them.