Nealon, Ted

Ted Nealon (1929-2014) was a politician, journalist and author.

Born in Aclare, Co. Sligo, he won many council scholarships as a child and played Gaelic football for the Sligo football team. He later played professional rugby in Lancashire, in between other jobs as a candle-maker and a railway porter in the north of England.

On his return to Ireland, he became a journalist with the Irish Press group. He then edited the 'Sunday Review' in the early 1960s. After it closed, he joined RTÉ, where he presented a number of programmes including the current affairs flagship 'Seven Days', the farming programmes 'On the Land' and 'Cross-Country', and 'Garda Patrol'. He won a Jacob's award for predicting the election results more accurately than a computer in 1973, the year he published his first 'Nealon's Guide to the Dáil and Seanad', which would become an annual publication.

Nealon entered politics himself in 1981 as a Fine Gael TD for Sligo-Leitrim and held various portfolios as minister for state in the 1980s. He retired from politics in 1997.