In the first of a new series of talk, music, and musings, Philosopher John Moriarty examines the subject of science and other ways of knowing.

In a fireside chat, John Moriarty is joined by a panel which includes Susan McKenna-Lawlor, Leon Moscona, Terri Blanche and Iarla Ó Lionáird.

Can the, sometimes, narrow approach of science be sensitive to the dimensions and moods of the universe that aren't corrigible or even available to scientific techniques of exploration and observation? Mustn't we fall back on some more traditional modes of awareness? Could it be that the fairy story can reveal as much of the strangeness of the universe as mathematical formulae?

In his opening monologue on the subject of science and other ways of knowing Moriarty states

I'm wholly unexplainable as a compound. So is everything else.

Moriarty further comments

I refuse now to be oppressed by science.

This episode of 'The Blackbird and the Bell' was broadcast on 9 January 1997.