Following the Drumcree stand-off and a tension filled summer marching season in Northern Ireland, the Orange Order and other Loyalist institutions have seen a surge in membership from those wishing to defend the Protestant culture and its traditions.

In a traditionally quiet time of year, the specialist companies manufacturing and selling Orange Order sashes and other Protestant regalia have found business is booming.

A firm in Lurgan, County Armagh which supplies sashes for the Orange Order has noticed trade is up by 25%. Owner Victor Stewart sees this as a direct spin-off from events that took place over the summer in Drumcree in Portadown, and elsewhere in the North.

We are taking orders from the all of the six counties and beyond.

For those supporting the Loyal Orders of Orangeism, the model of the church at the centre of the Drumcree siege is a huge seller. It is possibly not so popular amongst these of a Nationalist or Catholic persuasion although Elaine Lawson cannot be sure as she says

We don’t just get loyalist and Orange people through our doors, we get all denominations through our doors.

An RTÉ News report by Brendan Wright broadcast on 17 September 1996.