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Reeling in the Years

About the Series

Reeling in the Years

 Reeling in the Years

The Noughties:
From the Millennium Bug to the Jumbo Breakfast Roll, from Saipan to the Special Olympics, from Bachelors Walk to the BertieBowl, from SSIAs to the smoking ban, Reeling In The Years - The 2000s showcases the stories and the soundtrack of Ireland in the Noughties.

The Nineties:
From Italia '90 to Gay Byrne's Late Late farewell via Dublin's Millennium Clock, this is the decade of Nelson Mandela's freedom, the launch of 'Riverdance', the OJ Simpson trial and the Good Friday Agreement.

The Eighties:
The decade of moving statues... Charles Haughey... legwarmers ... Margaret Thatcher... GUBU... Live Aid... Chernobyl... referendums and hung Dails.

The Seventies:
The Decade that taste forgot!
Disco dancing... eurovision fever... mohair suits... moonwalks... unemployment and emigration.


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