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    Today With Sean O Rourke Wednesday 23 October 2013


    Today with Seán O'Rourke

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    Roma Family Case

    As Gardai and the HSE await the results of DNA tests on the family of a young blonde girl taken from a Roma family in South Dublin on Monday, the case has brought focus on the Roma community as well as highlighting the powers of the HSE to take children into care.

    The Government’s Special Rapporteur for Child Protection Geoffrey Shannon spoke to Sean

    Meanwhile, the media coverage of both the Dublin story and that of “Maria” in Greece have lead to accusations of racism and stereotyping, with age old tales of gypsies stealing babies causing outrage among the Roma community.

    Writer and journalist Katharine Quarmby has written extensively on the gypsy communities



    Streets littered with used needles. Doorways and alleyways clustered with discarded drug paraphernalia. Drug users using the basements of city centre houses as places to inject heroin.

    This is what parts of Dublin city centre looked like at 9am yesterday morning. The Ana Liffey Drug Project are hoping for support for a project they believe will help clean up the streets and lessen the city’s drug problem.

    Brian O’Connell spent time on the streets assessing the problem yesterday morning. Sean also spoke to to Dublin’s Lord Mayor, Oisin Quinn, who is in favour of mobile medically supervised  injecting units and Grainne Kenny ,Honorary President  Europe  Against  Drugs.



    It’s one of the big social and health issues of our time – how do you help people to give up smoking? 

    Are initiatives like the “smoking ban” in restaurants and pubs  the way to go or should it be about education and providing alternative products . It’s a contentious issue and is being debated  at the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland tonight at 7pm .

    Two of the participants in tonight’s debate were with Sean this morning – Cancer specialist at St Vincents Hospital in Dublin Professor John Crown and Chris Snowden from the Institute of Economic Affairs in London.


    Alex Ferguson

    Well, it’s likely to be on a best seller on the Christmas lists, as Alex Ferguson’s second autobiography hits the shelves. And it doesn’t disappoint.

    Martin Lipton is with the Daily Mirror and has read the book


    I Have a Dream

    On the 28th of August 1963, Dr Martin Luther King stepped up on to a podium in Washington and delivered his most famous speech.

    It wasn’t the first time he used the phrase, “I have a dream” in a speech, in fact he was advised against it by his aides.

    However, acting against this advice, King delivered a line that was to mould itself, in the worlds of my next guest, into America’s patriotic mythology.

    Last night in NUI, Maynooth, Guardian, BBC and Nation journalist Gary Younge, who has written a book on the speech, gave a public talk on what was to be one of the most famous speeches in history


    Steve Myers from CERN

    There can be few bigger tasks in the field of human exploration than the attempt to discover fundamental rules that govern the universe and recreate the conditions found at the moment of the big bang.

    Phrases like the Higgs Boson particle and the Large Hadron Collider are the stuff of utter incomprehension for most of us, but they’re the everyday work life of my next guest…

    Belfast born, Steve Myers has worked in CERN for over forty years… He was one of those who helped design and build the Large Hadron Collider and recently received an OBE for his work in connection with the discoverer of the Higgs Boson.


    Sinn Fein Austerity Rally

    Tonight Sinn Fein is hosting a rally in the Mansion House at 7pm,  as well as representatives of various Irish unions, the guest speakers are a group of union leaders from the United States.  

    The theme of the event is “In common cause against austerity” Sean was joined by Terry O'Sullivan General President’s of the Labourers International Union of North America.

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