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    The John Murray Show Monday 29 June 2015


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    Brendan Doyle - Skeleton Racer!

    In studio with John this morning is Brendan Doyle who has brought along his sled! Brendan is a member of the Irish Bobsleigh Skeleton Federation, a sport that involves sprinting full speed down an ice track before jumping headfirst down the track onto a metal slider, banking & turning at speeds up to 130km/h.

    Brendan's facebook page

    To help with Brendan's fundraising campaign to get to the 2018 Winter Olympics go to


    Mauled by Dog

    Last September 11 year old chld model, Cameron Lynch was attacked by a dog while he played outside his grandmother's house. He suffered lacerations to his face, but he is hopeful he can still return to modelling. Cameron is in studio with John along with his mother Jacqueline Lynch.


    Regina Brennan

    Last week we spoke to Olivia Harte, Irish Rail's only female apprentice & joining John on the line is listener Regina Brennan, who got in touch with us to tell us about her story of working in a man's world 30 years ago.


    Noel McCall - Farmer with no land

    Noel McCall is a prize-winning farmer, he recently wond Dairy Farmer of the year & overall Farmer of the Year at the Zurich Farming Independent Awards.

    He has a dairy herd & farms 150 acres in Wicklow, but owns no land. Noel joins John in studio this morning.

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