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    The John Murray Show Tuesday 23 September 2014


    What happens to us when we die? - Colm Keane

    What happens to us when we die? It’s a perplexing question and one Colm Keane has spent several years researching. In his new book he has put together a list of ten stages that he believes we go through when death occurs.

    Author Colm Keane pictured with John Murray.




    Colm's latest book is called 'Heading For The Light' published by Capel Island.



    Starbucks Spells Your Name Wrong - John Purcell

    If your spending time on YouTube you've more than likely seen this Starbuck video, John Purcell is an Irish Comedian living in New York.


    Based in Queens in New York the actor John Purcell (pictured above) and comedian has been making a name for himself on the comedy scene. His latest video on Starbucks has gone viral with over 7 million views.



    Music With Rainy Boy Sleep

    He was nominated for Northern Ireland’s Music Awards ‘Best Solo Act’. Cyndi Lauper took him on tour singing ‘Time After Time’ with him at London’s Hammersmith Apollo and he is 'Rainy Boy Sleep' AKA Stevie Martin joined John in studio this morning with his song 'Ambulance'. If you want more updates from Rainy Boy Sleep you can follow him on Facebook.

    'Rainy Boy Sleep' AKA Stevie Martin pictured above.

    Gig Dates:

    Friday 3rd of October - Shortt's, Waterford

    Saturday 11th of October - Dolan's, Limerick

    Friday 28th of November - The Workman' Club, Dublin




    How Henrike Solved The Missing Persons Case

    A young German lady living in Cork has a very unusual hobby, Henrike Hoeren investigates missing person cases online from the comfort of her bedroom and she spoke to John about solving Missing Persons Cases.

    Kay and Grant Grumbine (pictured above) didn't know the fate of their son Troy Darren Grumbine who was 34 at the time that he went missing from his home in Irving, Texas on February 1st 2004. Because of Henrike's hard work the couple now know what happened to their son after he seemingly disappeared without a trace along a lonely stretch of highway in southwestern New Mexico.

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