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    Children Taking Risks

    10 students, all aged 16 to 18, have just returned to the UK from a month-long trip to an uncharted Greenland mountain at Constable Point, East Greenland. They flew there and back in an old World War II submarine-hunting sea plane.

    They dealt with extremely harsh living conditions and the very real risk of attack from bears.  They lived self-sufficiently in the Arctic, carried all their equipment and supplies with them and were cut off from the outside world

    The man behind the trip, Gavin Horgan, headmaster at Worksop College in Nottinghamshire, believes children’s lives have been sanitised and that they should be regularly exposed to genuine risk.


    Níall McDonagh Joining the Priesthood

    Níall McDonagh is 31 and from Galway but now lives in New York. Over the past couple of years a number of family tragedies have lead to a complete change in the direction of his life. He has now decided to enter a seminary in New York to see if the priesthood is his calling.



    My Dog Died

    It’s well known that pets can become part of the families that they are brought in to, and that when they die, these families often grieve intensely.

    Actress, comedian and writer Tara Flynn and RTÉ journalist Valerie Cox both lost their pet dogs recently and are here this morning to talk about the impact it had on them.



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