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    Leo Oosterweghel

    Leo Oosterweghel will be familiar to a lot of you from your TV sets, where he is one of the stars of RTÉ One’s popular programme, “The Zoo”, which follows the staff and animals at one of the country’s premier attractions.

    Dutch-born, he has been the director of Dublin Zoo since 2001, and is one of the residents himself, sharing the prestigious address with Bengal Tigers, a world-renowned herd of elephants, and some sea lions that have recently been rehomed in some luxury digs, and proved a great boost to visitor numbers as the zoo hit some record figures in 2015.


    Michelle Fitzpatrick

    Michelle Fitzpatrick has led a very successful career in the software industry, having held high level sales and executive positions in the likes of Oracle, McAfee, IBM, Lotus over the last 35 years.

    She is now the CEO of Eviivo, a company that offers online booking facilities for the Bed and Breakfast sector, in which business people have experienced a huge amount of so-called “disruption” as a result of the internet revolution.

    Originally from France, she is now based in London and is in studio to discuss the travails of the hospitality industry and where it is going.


    Sport and The Rich

    Last Sunday afternoon, a large proportion of Liverpool football fans walked out of their home ground, Anfield, in the seventy-seventh minute of their premiership game against Sunderland FC. They chose that moment to do so as a reference to the recently announced new price structure for match day tickets, which saw some seats reaching a cost of seventy-seven pounds sterling. 

    In a landmark instance of management taking their fans seriously, the club announced on Thursday that they were scrapping the new pricing plans. Do the laws of supply and demand declare that live sports – and  to some extent music – are now the exclusive realm of those that can afford them?

    In studio is Irish Times Business Affairs Correspondent, Mark Paul.

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