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Sebastian Barry tells us about Days without End and life for two brothers-in-arms in the US army in the 1850s and Horatio Clare talks the sea, cargo and ships in Liverpool.

The Book Show, Saturday 10th December

This week on The Book Show, we’re joined by Sebastian Barry from London to discuss his latest novel Days without End, we find out how one millennial self-published her latest novel, and we travel to the docks of Liverpool to consider the romantic lure of running away to sea.

Days without End by Sebastian Barry: The book is set in America in the 19th Century and chronicles the adventures of Thomas McNulty who has left Sligo at the time of The Great Famine. Days Without End is a novel about emigration, war and love. Sebastian Barry joins our present, Sinead Gleeson, to discuss his latest book which is published by Faber.

The Greater Picture by Annie Fisher: In this book, Alexandria a twenty something painter and traveller is dying of cancer. This self-published novel looks at how the generation known as millennials faces up to issues of life and death without the certainties and promises that religion has traditionally offered in times of crisis. Annie Fisher spoke to us about her work and told us how after numerous rejections by publishers she embraced some very twenty-first century opportunities. The Greater Picture is available to buy on Amazon, in paperback, or on Kindle. All information is on Annie’s own website,

Down To the Sea In Ships by Horatio Clare: A number of years ago Horatio Clare persuaded the giant shipping company Maersk to allow him on board one of their container ships as a writer in residence. He made two voyages with them and his book, Down To the Sea In Ships, is an often gritty account of his travels. Clare also explores our relationship with the ocean, our absolute dependence on it, and the container ships that cross it. Down To the Sea In Ships is published by Vintage and you can follow him on Twitter @HoratioClare.

Days Without End by Sebastien Barry

Down to the Sea in Ships by Horatio Clare

The Greater Picture by Annie Fisher

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