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    Guidelines for Open Submissions

    The programme, which runs throughout the year, presents a range of material from a variety of contributors combining open submission and commissioned writing with accompanying music.

    Guidelines for short essay open submissions to the programme:  In the tradition of the programme scripts can consider a broad range of subjects natural to the spoken voice of the author of the material intended for broadcast. This can range from the informational to the personal considered with freshness and originality.

    Scripts must be the original work of the author and not have been previously broadcast or published in any other format

    If material is accepted for the programme and is broadcast, that recording becomes the outright property of RTÉ. The copyright of the written piece remains with the author.

    A once off payment is made to contributors for material broadcast on the programme

    Short essay scripts should be approximately 700/50 words in length.

    They should be typed, doubled spaced on A4 pages, on one side only.
    - 1 copy only of scripts to be sent.
    - Pages should be numbered and each page should end with a full stop.
    - The author's name and telephone / mobile contacts should be included at the end of the script with an indication of the number of words in the piece.

    Poetry is occasionally included in the programme. Poetry submissions should not longer than 300 words. Up to 4 poems are accepted for consideration at any time. and individually should not be longer than 1 minute in spoken length

    Scripts/poetry and submissions and queries should currently be sent by post to:

    Aoife Nic Cormaic,
    The Producer,
    Sunday Miscellany,
    RTE Radio Centre,
    Radio One,
    Dublin 4

    or by e-mail attachements to,

    Scripts received will be acknowledged after they have reached the programme and remain with the programme for consideration for six months from when they reach Sunday Miscellany.

    Scripts are not returned to those who submit them

    Click here to download these guidelines

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