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    Seascapes Friday 27 February 2015



    The maritime programme for this island nation

    Seascapes Friday 27th February 2015

    features Fergal Keane at The Angling Expo in The Show Centre in Cloghran; Dive 2015 in Nenagh; Kevin Corcoran on documentary film The River Runner on the big screen....

    Hello and welcome aboard this week’s edition of your maritime programme  Seascapes – this week  we hear about a documentary on the River Lee and the Gearagh – The River Runner we’ll be talking to the author of West Cork Walks which was published 25 years ago – he is environmental biologist Kevin Corcoran; we’ll hear about the nominees in the Irish Sailing Awards which are being held in Dublin next Friday ; there is a Canal  and Inland Waterways Conference in Tullamore next Saturday ;  Dive Ireland hold  their conference in Nenagh this  weekend ..... first to the National Exhibition Centre in Cloghran near Swords in North county Dublin where Fergal Keane visited the  annual Angling Expo for Seascapes last weekend...........



    Fergal Keane at the National Exhibition Centre near Swords at the Angling Expo indeed the Irish Skipper Expo bringing  those in the Fishing industry together takes place in the Galway Bay Hotel next weekend on Friday and Saturday details from maramedia .ie or The Irish Skipper website .....


    The latest edition of the Irish Diving Magazine Subsea features West Coast Blue Shark Diving ; Diving off the Galapagos- below the ice in Russia ; John Philip Holland; John Collins and a Red Sea Photography Workshop in Marsa Shagra in September; - this weekend Dive Ireland have their Annual Conference at The Abbey Court Hotel in Nenagh....







    Lusitania Exhibition, Cape Clear Heritage Centre

    Cape Clear Heritage Centre is currently preparing an exhibition for the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Lusitania which will be celebrated on 7 May next. The Centre is fortunate to have one of the original deck chairs from the ship, kindly donated in years gone by Islander, PT O Driscoll, since deceased. The chair needed substantial conservation and restoration and this has been carried out by Letterfrack Conservancy College.. The Centre would be very interested to hear from anyone with other items  from the vessel or photographs or such like which could be loaned or donated or even interesting anecdotes  about the ship and its tragic end.

         It should be remembered that all sorts of wreckage would have washed up along the West Cork Coast and some of these items may still be in local hands. If so, why  not share this valuable heritage with others?.  Any enquiries  to will be passed onto the Heritage Centre. The Heritage Centre and Comharchumann Chleire Teo acknowledge the assistance received from the Cork County Council Amenity Grant scheme towards the costs of the  restoration of the chair.


         Next on Seascapes to The River Runner a superb documentary film which featured in the Cork Film Festival   is narrated by Alan Nolan and Kevin Corcoran  ;-Kevin ‘s  West Cork Walks was published by The O’Brien Press 25 years ago and is still going strong –  Kevin an environmental biologist  is steeped in the history of the Gearagh and he came in to talk to Seascapes about the documentary The River Runner and what survives of the Gearagh….heres an extract from The River Runner……



    – Kevin Corcoran  features in The River Runner a documentary which is being shown from tonight on the big screen  at The Omniplex at  Mahon Point for the coming week –the film covers the plight of the beleaguered  majestic salmon and the rare freshwater pearl mussel………




      Environmental biologist and author of West Cork Walks -Kevin Corcoran on his beloved Gearagh – The River Runner can be seen on the big screen at The Omniplex in Mahon Point in Cork until next Friday 6th March …. You can see and read more on the Seascapes webpage .                                                                           



       The Marine Casualty Investigation Board ruled recently that engine failure on board the Dutch registered sail training vessel MV Astrid was due to freshwater contamination of a fuel tank and the Board criticised the master for “altering his passage to facilitate promotional activities.”


    Next week here on Seascapes  we have a gem from the Seascapes archive – The Last of the Islanders – by Mary McBrien which  features the  last islanders of Lough Erne in Fermanagh and was broadcast in September of last year ....... until next Friday night , tight lines and fair sailing.”


    The River Runner


    As its central core the film uses the sad dilemma of the River Lee's Wild Atlantic Salmon to convey the disturbing truth of what happened to this once famed and spectacular river, just a mere 60 years ago. In doing so it brings to light several tragedies that have been hidden away all this time, and by some, hopefully forgotten.

    Not only does the film cover the plight of the Salmon it also looks at the fate of the Salmon-dependent, Freshwater Pearl Mussel, a species now perilously close to extinction.

    It also exposes the shocking destruction of one of Western Europe's rarest forest types, 'the Gearagh'. Before the damming of the river for hydro-electricity purposes, this was the last pure stand of ancient, riverine forest that had survived intact since the end of the last ice age - one of just four such systems left on the planet.

    In addition, with the forest's demise, the last true Community of ancient, forest dwelling people also vanished. The story of their scattering and forced relocation is a harrowing and heart-breaking saga.

    This untold saga of the River Lee is narrated by two Corkonians, Alan Nolan and Kevin Corcoran.

    Alan, who grew up beside the lower reaches of the river, is a World Class, Salmon angler who passionately describes the present dilemma of the River Lee's 'King of Fish', the wild Atlantic Salmon.

    Kevin Corcoran is a well-known author of walking guides and a very experienced and respected environmental biologist. A living descendent of the ancient forest community that lived in the Gearagh, he has spent a large portion of his life studying, recording and trying to protect the tiny fragment of the Gearagh that still survives.

    River Runner was filmed over a period of two years, during which the camera spent most of its time mid-river.



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