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The Ryan Tubridy Show Wednesday 28 June 2017

The Ryan Tubridy Show

The Ryan Tubridy Show

The Ryan Tubridy Show is a fast paced entertaining and informative sixty minutes of morning radio.

Róisín Agnew

Róisín Agnew

Róisín was working flat out 9 to 5 with jobs in the media, editing a magazine, and working freelance on projects. She says she got totally burnt out, that it is a millennial issue because of the work culture they have got sucked in to and she had to do something to change her work/life balance.  She quit her job in December and went to Lisbon in February where she has remained. Life is now so much more enjoyable and easy.

Tamsin McVean

Tamsin McVean

There's something really unique about island life, being cut off, so exposed to the elements. Tamsin McVean stepped down from life as a high flying ad executive to a simpler life as an islander in Scotland.

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Common People

Common People



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Dan Tani

Astronaut Dan Tani

Francis Brennan

Francis Brennan was in studio to talk to Ryan about his travels to India and Vietnam, his venture into bedlinen design and other goings on in his busy life.

Henry Marsh

One of Britain's most eminent neurosurgeons, Henry Marsh, has just published a second memoir called Admissions: A Life in Brain Surgery which gives a fascinating insight into what must be one of the most challenging forms of surgery.



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