Roots Freeway

    Saturday 11pm

    Nialls book, The Nuts and Bolts of Songwriting, is still available.

    Roots Freeway Saturday 4 July 2015


    Roots Freeway

    Roots Freeway on RTE Radio One, with Presenter, Niall Toner, does exactly as it's title implies, and brings the listener a wide variety of Roots Music on Saturday nights at 11pm.

    About The Show

    Niall Toner is, first and foremost, a music fan, and if he wasn't presenting Roots Freeway, he would be at home listening to the same variety of music himself. Niall says that being on Radio One is just like having a hobby turn in to a job, and the thrill of bringing such a wide range of Roots music to such a large audience is both an honour and a pleasure.

    Niall was born in Dublin, and nurtured an early interest in music by tuning in to Radio Luxemburg and the AFN radio service from Germany. The saturday night re-broadcast of the Grand Ole Opry from Nashville was his first exposure to Country music, and when a local schoolfriend showed up with a collection that included the music of Hank Williams, Bill Monroe, The Carter Family and Jimmy Rodgers, Niall's musical fate was sealed.

    As well as presenting Roots Freeway, Niall is a songwriter and a musican, playing guitar and mandolin with his own NTB, and his songs have been recorded by Bill Wyman, The Nashville Bluegrass Band, Albert Lee and The Special Consensus, to name but a few. Niall alsso writes extensivley on the subject, and his articles have been published by Hot Press, Maverick and Country Music Plus. He is also the authour of Nuts and Bolts, a guide to writing better songs. Niall and his wife, Moira, live near Myshall in Co. Carlow.

    Niall has just released a new album of original songs and tunes on Pinecastle Records. It's called Onwards and Upwards, and is available from iTunes and on CD in all Record Shops

    Music Played on the Show

    • Title: Burren Backstep
      Composer: Niall Toner
      Performer(s): Richie Foley
      Performer(s): Richie Foley
      Album: Burren Backstep - Single, PINECASTLE RECORDS, PRC1182
      Duration: 3:02
    • Title: The Day Rocky Put The Dillards On
      Composer: Enda Wyatt
      Performer(s): Enda Wyatt
      Performer(s): Enda Wyatt
      Duration: 3:24
    • Title: Never Be The Sun
      Composer: Donagh Long
      Performer(s): Lynn Morris
      Performer(s): Lynn Morris
      Duration: 4:24
    • Title: Streets Of Derry
      Composer: Trad.Arr. O'Donnell
      Performer(s): Al O'Donnell
      Performer(s): Al O'Donnell
      Album: Ramble Away, OME RECORDS, CACD1301
      Duration: 3:00
    • Title: The Beacon
      Composer: Johnny Duhan
      Performer(s): Johnny Duhan
      Performer(s): Johnny Duhan
      Album: DUHAN RECORDS, DUHAN2014
      Duration: 3:10
    • Title: You're Still To Blame
      Composer: Ralph And Carter Stanley
      Performer(s): Clem O'Brien
      Performer(s): Clem O'Brien
      Album: OWN LABEL, O'BRIEN2002
      Duration: 2:41
    • Title: Hillbilly Twist
      Composer: Jurgen Biller
      Performer(s): Four Wheel Drive
      Performer(s): Four Wheel Drive
      Duration: 2:37
    • Title: No Alibis
      Composer: Malojian
      Performer(s): Malojian
      Performer(s): Malojian
      Album: Southlands, WHIRLING BOY RECORDS, WHIRLING BOY2015
      Duration: 2:46
    • Title: The One I Left Behind
      Composer: Brendan Monaghan
      Performer(s): Brendan Monaghan
      Performer(s): Brendan Monaghan
      Album: Lovers Always Win, SUISA, BRAMBUS 201478-2
      Duration: 3:20
    • Title: Down In The City
      Composer: Mike Hanrahan
      Performer(s): The Dixie Micks
      Performer(s): The Dixie Micks
      Duration: 4:20
    • Title: Pilgrim Theme
      Composer: Austin And Mike Durak
      Performer(s): Austin And Mike Durak
      Performer(s): Austin And Mike Durak
      Album: OWN LABEL, DURAK2015
      Duration: 2:50

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