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    Mooney Goes Wild, Sunday June 28th 2015


    On Mooney Goes Wild tonight...

    Derek reports from Dublin Airport on the tactics used to scare birds away from planes, Tom Kelly from UCC chats about researching birdstrikes, Eanna ni Lamhna meets world renowned soil ecologist Diana Wall as she is awarded UCD's highest honour, and Terry Flanagan learns more about the Duhallow LIFE project...


    Preventing Birdstrikes

    Now, cast your minds back if you will to January 2009 when the Captain of US Airways Flight 1549, Chesley ‘Sully’ Sullenberger, made an emergency water landing after his plane was hit by birds: 

    A very dramatic rescue it was – indeed it’s now referred to as the Miracle On The Hudson. It’s a story so dramatic that Clint Eastwood has just signed up to direct a new Hollywood movie about the incident!

    Birds can be a serious problem for aircraft

    Damage caused by a birdstrike

    Bird strikes can be a serious risk to passenger safety, and can cause a substantial amount of damage to aircraft – not to mention the usually fatal consequences for the birds involved. So what’s the solution? Well to find out, Derek headed over to Dublin Airport to chat to Chief Fire Officer Gerry Keogh, whose role also includes wildlife control...

    Gerry Keogh (left) at Dublin Airport with Joe Billings, Fire Officer

    Joe Billings, Fire Officer

    Prof. Tom Kelly (pictured below) is a lecturer in Zoology at University College Cork. He’s also the ornithological consultant for Dublin Airport, and the man leading the way in researching causes and solutions of birdstrikes. He joins us from our studios in Cork to explain more...

    For more information on birdstrikes, visit


    Duhallow LIFE Project

    Biodiversity and conservation are some of the buzzwords we regularly hear. We all know what they mean, but who actually goes out there and practices them?

    Well, one man is Dr. Fran Igoe of the IRD Duhallow LIFE Project. 

    For the last four years, Fran and his team have been working extensively on a conservation project along the River Allow in Co. Cork. This work entails monitoring the various species of mammals and birds present, and the creation of new artificial nesting sites to increase their numbers.


    During that time, they have devised a number of new designs for nestboxes which appear to be very successful, and so, last week, our reporter Terry Flanagan traveled to Co. Cork to see for himself the work that has been undertaken...

    For more information about the project, visit or the group's Facebook page.


    Soil Ecologist Diana Wall Awarded UCD Ulysses Medal

    Dr. Diana Wall is one of the world’s most respected environmental scientists, leading the debate on some of the most pressing global issues of our day such as the environment, soil biodiversity, and climate change.

    Diana Wall & Eanna ni Lamhna

    She is Director of the School of Global Environmental Sustainability at Colorado State Unviversity, but recently she came to Dublin where she was awarded the UCD Ulysses Medal, which is the highest honour that the university can bestow.  It's awarded to individuals whose work has made an outstanding global contribution.

    Eanna ni Lamhna & Diana Wall in the orchard

    Eanna ni Lamhna spoke with Dr Diana Wall during her recent visit here...

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