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    Ivan Yates

     Ivan Yates is in studio to talk politics, bankruptcy and more.








    Tripadvisor - Broadway Hotel

    Tony and Jan Jenkinson were on their way home to Cumbria and booked a night in the Broadway Hotel in Blackpool through the internet for an overnight stay. They did no research except to ascertain that the hotel had a car park.

    After their stay they posted a bad review on Tripadvisor and the hotel fined them €100 on their credit card as this was their policy. They complained about this to the Trades and Standards Office and the policy has since been discontinued.

    They speak to Marian about their experience


    Donna Hartnett

    Donna Hartnett's letter to the Irish Independent about her money struggles went viral straight away.  Her struggles and experience as a working parent with two children in childcare stuck a chord with thousands in this country.

    She spoke to Marian from the Cork studio.


    Ask the Specialist

    Ask The Specialist - Ian Whyte

    In our segment 'Ask The Specialist' which you the listener can suggest the chosen topic in which we deal, our guest today was Ian Whyte of Whyte's Auctioneers

    If you would like to suggest a topic for 'Ask The Specialist', just email with 'Ask The Specialist' in the title area.


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