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    Liveline Monday 15 September 2014



    The Cannonball Run is an annual charity motoring event which travels in convoy around the country over three days. However, some callers to Liveline were concerned that some participants may have been travelling at speeds way above the national speed limit.

    An Garda Síochána told us that they  liaise closely with the event organisers.All participants must comply with speed limits and road traffic legislation and were made fully aware of their obligations. If any member of the public has concerns in relation to breaches of the road traffic act we would encourage them to contact "Traffic Watch" Lo call 1890 205805

    Michelle and Jennifer are both well qualified, one in IT and the other in Food Science, and yet they can’t get a job in Ireland. It is a deeply frustrating time for them.

    The issue of cheap medicines in Northern Ireland and abroad was raised by Tim, Pat and Renee.

    Following on from petrol “ stretching” which was raised on the programme last week, we heard from Anne whose engine was destroyed, and Stephen who is organising a public meeting in Swinford.

    We finished the programme with Bridie, who brought us the latest in our quest to find the family of Irishman Sean Parker who died in the Medway district in England.


    Cannonball Run

    Listeners saw cars taking part in the Cannonball Run speeding.


    Can't Get Work

    Listeners talk about how difficult it is to find work.


    Cost of Medicine

    The cost of medicine is much cheaper abroad. We hear personal experiences of this.


    Fuel Contamination

    We hear more stories from listeners about contaminated fuel.


    Finding Sean Parker

    An update on finding relatives of the late Sean Parker.

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