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    Liveline Tuesday 2 September 2014



    Christopher Moran has been forced to leave his home in west Dublin because of an ongoing family feud and made against his family.    He is currently in temporary accommodation in a hostel which he believes is unsuitable as his 12 year old son is disabled and in a wheelchair and they are on the third floor.   It is a big problem getting him in and out of the building.     He is on a waiting list to be rehoused.   Christopher’s brother Stephen ‘Doughie’ Moran was shot dead last March.     He told us that there have been threats to wipe the whole family out even though he says he never had any involvement in criminality. 

    Brendan is a Redemptorist who was on his way back to the community in Esker in Co. Galway last Friday when his car broke down on the N4....and wanted to thank a kind Samaritan who came to his aid in the middle of thick traffic.   Brendan did not catch his name but he drove a white van with a reg that started 08-D-21***.

     Mick had to bring his mother to the Mater Hospital on Sunday last and said it was bedlam getting out of the hospital with the match fans parked in the hospital car park.    He thinks this is madness.    His ticket was invalid by the time he got to the machine and he didn’t even get the special rate....he paid €15 for the time he was there. 

    More Scots living in Ireland discuss the Scottish referendum and their upset that they can’t vote even though people who are only living there a short time can vote.

    Michael just wanted to say that he is delighted to hear that John Giles has been awarded the Freedom of Dublin.    Michael knew John Giles father Dickey who set up the the ‘Football Promotion Club”.    He was also very passionate about football.


    Accomodation Problems

    Christopher has been forced to leave his home in Dublin because of an ongoing family feud. He is currently in temporary housing which is unsuitable for his 12 year old son who is in a wheelchair.

    Good Samaritan

    Brendan is a Redemptorist who had a Good Samaritan help him out when his car broke down on the N4 last Friday.

    Mater Car Park

    The car park at the Mater is available for Croke Park match-goers when they pre-book. This works out as cheaper than for people who are visiting relatives.

    Scottish Referendum

    The forthcoming referendum on Scottish independence was again the subject of some calls to Liveline today.

    Dickie Giles

    Michael Mulvey remembers John Giles' father.

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