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Inside Culture Monday 24 April 2017

Creativity, Culture and a world of Ideas on Inside Culture presented by Fionn Davenport 10pm Mondays RTE Radio 1.

Profiles, interviews, features and discussion with emerging and established Irish and International people in the creative and cultural sectors.                  

This is a versatile programme that can move across disciplines from crafts to cultural agendas and will include long-form discussions and features on well known artists, cultural topics and the history of ideas. The range will give an access point for the general listener as well as a more seasoned and professional arts listenership.                                                                        

This programme aims to create an intimacy with artists’ work and provide textured pieces that inform and provide a listening experience with high production values.                                                                        

Independently produced by Zoe Comyns – the show brings together a team of innovative radio makers who have a passion, understanding and sensibility for Arts and Culture who will create a far-reaching and fresh sounding series that complements the existing output on RTE Radio 1.

Inside Culture

Inside Culture

Creativity, Culture and a world of Ideas on Inside Culture presented by Fionn Davenport.

Inside Culture, Monday 24th April

This week's episode of Inside Culture was recorded at Cruinniú na Cásca which was a Creative Ireland initiative presented by RTÉ on Easter Monday.

An enormous array of concerts, talks and family events took place around Dublin – and, indeed, around places all over Ireland.

Tonight we bring you some of the people who gathered to discuss life in Ireland as an artist – what it means to be an artist in contemporary society, how you identify as Irish – if you do, how you earn a living and how being an artist at home compares to being one abroad.

Fionn Davenport was in George's Hall in Dublin Castle and, before a live audience, he spoke to writer Nuala O'Connor, film maker Vivienne Dick and musician Mark Geary. They discuss how they found their various crafts, issues of funding and how many of the changes in society have affected the life of the artist – for good and for bad.

Sorcha Heron looks at the role art can play in the lives of people living in confinement.

Freedom is often synonymous with creative expression, but what if the very environment that limits you ultimately gives you the greatest source of inspiration? Sorcha speaks to two participants from a discussion Creativity in Confinement which was held in City Hall. Gary Cunningham is a musician and playwright and is also a former prisoner. Bernie Masterson is an artist and a teacher of visual art at Mountjoy Prison. They share their powerful experience of creating art in confinement within the Irish system.

Finally journalist and activist Úna Mulally, playwright and actress Deirdre Kinahan and historian Dr. Mary McAuliffe look at gender inequality and the arts. They took part in a discussion at Dublin Castle called Women in Irish Society – Speaking Up, Speaking Louder: Forgotten Women in the Arts. They spoke to Inside Culture about the exclusion of women as cultural figures across the board has for a long time been a systemic issue which movements such as Waking The Feminists have powerfully addressed.

Crinniú na Cásca

Fionn with Vivienne Dick, Nuala O'Connor & Mark Geary


Inside Culture Monday 24th April

This week's episode of Inside Culture was recorded at Cruinniú na Cásca which was a Creative Ireland initiative presented by RTÉ on Easter Monday.



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