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A Solemn Undertaking

Somewhere in Ireland today, a grieving person is picking up the phone to call a Funeral Director, but have you ever wondered what it is like to be that person in the black suit? ...

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Last Week: The Beach Boys of Rossnowlagh

The four brothers who discovered surfing in the 1960s - when nobody in Ireland even knew what it was - and have kept on riding the waves for almost fifty years.

Coming up next: A Song for Kathleen

The story of 87 year old Kathleen Tierney who was diagnosed with Alzheimers but finds her spirit lifted and her health improve when she joins 'The Forget Me Nots' choir.

Keeping The Door Open : 20 June

Levis Pub in Ballydehob, Co Cork, has been in the hands of one family for over 100 years - the next generation have taken on the challenge of keeping the pub alive and maintain...

Michael Gomez: The Irish Mexican : 25 June

Bernard Dunne, former World Champion talks to Michael Gomez about his wild and turbulent boxing career and one life altering night in the National Stadium.

"The Rough With The Smoothie" : 12 June

Mary-Elaine Tynan comes across an unusual solution for the difficult aftermath of labour: placenta-eating.

The Irishwoman Who Shot Mussolini : 12 June

Four people tried to assassinate Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini. Only one person ever came close - her name was Violet Gibson and she was Irish.

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