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    Grasshopper - measuring your grass 

    Darragh was down at Moorepark for Teagasc's dairy open day and met some impressive new tech ideas
    Paddy Halton of True North Technologies introduced him to Grasshopper, a grass management system and Teagasc's own researchers talked about calving alert by text and "virtual fencing





    This weekend Loughcrew House and Gardens in Oldcourt, Co Meath is host to Opera in the Open Air with the Puccini Scandal. Emily Naper runs the whole estate and Louise Denvir was there to find out how it all works



    Hardly but Devonian Emma Massingale has spent a month on a remote Connemara island communing with and teaching 6 ponies. The island project meant her surviving on her wits and what nature provided. She talked to Darragh on her final day on the island.


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    CLONMEL 150


    1865 was the first Clonmel show, and Frances Shanahan headed up the Suir Valley to get the low down from Turtle Bunbury, the historian asked to write the history of and present an exhibition on the show. Frances talked to Victor Quinlan of one of the original founding families and to Peg Rossiter on her memories




    Belcarra in Mayo became the first fibre to the home trial town in Ireland. There are many areas that are in the so called "intervention footprint", that will not be served by commercial operators, and will be part of a government subsidised scheme. If you are in one of those areas,then Carolan Lennon, md Eircom Wholesale outlines how you can get your whole community online just like Belcarra. So here is a very detailed scheme of how you do this
    How to Enter
    ‘Have Your Say’ and get your community connected at no cost by simply telling eircom why your community should be the next eircom Wholesale Fibre to the Home trial.
    Steps to entry
    1.Check that their area is in the intervention footprint at
    What is the intervention footprint? The Government has requested from Commercial operators a view of where they will deploy their commercial network. The areas outside a commercial deployment plan will be part of the intervention footprint. On the website communities will be able to view a map that highlights areas within a commercial footprint and those within the intervention footprint. Blue equals a commercial deployment – and amber equals the NBP /Intervention footprint area.
    In addition to the map, the site also lists by county, areas that are within the intervention footprint and commercial footprint.
    2.View the competition checklist
    This is a community effort. This is not something an individual in the community can do you on their own; they will need to involve their neighbours, business leaders, TDs etc.. They will need to identify what information needs to be gathered and see who within the community is best placed to collect, collate and prepare the submission..

    3.Print off the application form
    The communities need to print of the application form so they can see how long it will take and ensure they collate all of the information needed.
    As there is quite a bit of work required, the web site allows each community signal their intent, which will ensure eircom knows their application is a work in progress and also allows eircom advise the community on number of entries already received from their county.
    Next step after intent.
    4. Discuss application details with community members
    Communities need to discuss the application form with the relevant community members, and identify the real benefits they will gain from having access to a high speed broadband network
    5. Find your spokesperson
    Each community must identify one spokesperson, someone who can be relied upon to rally the troops and who can answer any queries the judging panel might have. This may well be the same person who will represent the community should the judging panel have queries, if not please identify who will be responsible for what action within the community council.
    6. Get creative
    There will be huge interest in this competition and eircom expect many entrants , how will your community stand out from all the rest – get creative and demonstrate what an infrastructure like high speed broadband could do for your community.
    7. Submit your entry via post
    a. FibrePower Your Community, eircom Wholesale, 1 Heuston South Quarter, St. Johns Road, Dublin 8.
    b. or online at
    On or before the 15th September 2015.

    Entries will be accessed by our independent judging panel
    Carolan Lennon MD of eircom Wholesale, AJ Noonan Chairman of Small Firms Association, Tim O Leary Deputy President of IFA, Ann O Dea Co-founder of Silicon Republic and Mairead Lavery Editor Country living in the Farmers Journal
    Check it at;



    If you have a story to tell from growing up in rural Ireland in the past half century or so, we would love to hear from you. Countrywide and The Farmers Journal are supporting ‘Around The Farm Gate – A Treasure Trove of Irish Stories’

    Publisher and frequent contributor to Countywide, PJ Cunningham wants your stories with a view to publishing the book later in the year with Ballpoint Press. When we get in the entries, a selection will be made, so not everyone will be published (sadly).
    The closing date for your entry is July 6th 2015

    Mail your story to:
    Terms and Conditions
    a) There will be no fee for any contributors of stories for the initial print run that will aim to break even. However, if the publication enters second or subsequent editions, RTE, The Farmers Journal and Ballpoint Press are agreed that the contributors would receive fees commensurate with those sales returns.
    b) The choice of stories to be included is entirely to be decided by an editorial team comprising representatives from The Farmers Journal, Ballpoint Press and RTE and their decision is final.
    c) Stories may need to be edited before inclusion. In so far as is possible, the writer will be consulted, but the editors’ decision on stories is final.
    d) The ownership of the stories will remain with the original authors but Ballpoint will have exclusive publication rights in Ireland for the duration of the print run but not exceeding one year after launch, unless there are further print runs ( see (a) above), in which case publication rights will be extended to cover such print runs.
    e) RTE and the Farmers Journal may use extracts from the final selection of stories for their own publication/broadcast as they deem fit to promote the book
    f)Every author published in the collection will receive six copies of the book gratis for their own personal use.
    (check rte STANDARD terms and conditions )

    Irish Farmers Journal

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