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    Our Damien spent his youth drinking an elixir known as Cavan Cola every summer. It was a uniquely sweet tasting black beverage with a distinctive creamy Guinness-like head – enjoyed by Cavan folk from the 50s right through to the 90s.

    There have been various campaigns launched to bring Cavan Cola back, but The Anglo Celt, Cavan County Council and Taste of Cavan are now all involved in its most recent drive.

    We sent Louise Denvir to the snowy Breffni County this week to hear from the people who love it most...

    Here’s the original Bring Back Cavan Bebo Page: Bebo page
    And the Anglo Celt’s campaign can be followed: here 
    You can find Conor Lynch: here:


    This is Kazuki san, a visiting Japanese gardener from Kyoto who has just spent two weeks in Tramore demonstrating Japanese gardening skills.

    In Ian Fleming's 1964 novel You Only Live Twice, James Bond retorts to his nemesis Blofeld's comment of "Have you ever heard the Japanese expression kirisute gomen?" with "Spare me the Lafcadio Hearn, Blofeld."

    The story of Lafcadio Hearn, half Irish- half Greek, abandoned by his father, and eventually brought up by his fathers aunt, largely in Tramore house, is so bizarre. He ends up living in Japan, marrying there and ending up as one of Japan's most celebrated writers, almost their own Yeats.. To cut a long story short, a Japanese trust fund are working with Waterford County Council to build a Japanese garden in his honour in Tramore House. Frances Shanahan put on her kimono and wellies to see what's going on.

    The Gardens:

    This is Lafcadio - check out his Wikapedia:



    The Commissioner 

    Damien met the recently appointed Agriculture Commissioner in Brussels to talk turkey and beef and milk on his role. On arriving he had to deal with an import ban from Russia, but no better man to deal with crises. Speaking of which Damien did ask about the wet elephant in the Irish corner, and Phil Hogan stoutly defended the route taken.

    Phil Hogan Twitter: @PhilHoganEU 



    Ronan Clarke

    Sinead Quinn was left with 3 daughters under 6,when her husband Ronan died one year after being diagnosed with a rare sarcoma cancer. The Mayo man was known to many for his work on Ear to the Ground, before he left to become a primary teacher. Sinead wants people ( and especially men) to pay more attention to early diagnosis, which might have helped Ronan. Joining her was Dr Charles Gillham , who was Ronan's Oncologist and who is also on that mission to raise awareness. Feb 4 is World Cancer Day.

    Irish Cancer Society:
    Irish Sarcoma Group Web:

    As promised here is the full 25 minute interview which is very moving indeed. 


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