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    Ballybay singer, songwriter and tractor driver, Marty Mone is Ireland's latest Youtube star with nearly a half million views for his homage to diesel suckin devices- "Hit the Diff".. The Monaghan man came in to see us with the full traction of the Mad Ass Mules adding torque to a rockin live version of "Hit the Diff".. While they were here they revved up a gear grinding cover of Steve Earle's "Johnny Come Lately", which you can listen to exclusively here..

    Check the original of Hit the Diff here 




    Damien with the Mad Ass Mules - Marty Mone in the leather jack on Damien's left 

    When Marty and the Mad Ass Mules were in performing the tractor hit of the year ( decade), we asked them to do another tune for us. They chose a rockin version of Steve Earle's song, Johnny Come Lately and you can listen to that exclusive recording here.. 

    The Mules about to spring into action 



    Manon and her snowman at the South Pole

    Manon Ossevoort is now 38 but was the tender age of 27 when she set out on a little tractor to travel to the South Pole. In December 2014, just before last Christmas she made it across Antartica and back thanks to Massey Ferguson, who came on board to make the final part of her dream come true.
    As one of her first jobs on reaching the Pole, ‘Tractor Girl’ Manon built a snowman and symbolically entrusted it with the dreams of all the people who have been caught up in her story. Just after she talked to Damien she was off to SIMA in Paris, one of Europe's biggest agricultural shows, where she is a star attraction.
    And you can still buy one of her tractor tshirts which paid for most of her trip through Europe and the length of Africa.
    Manon's own website is:

    The website for the trip is

    Massey Ferguson are at





    If you’ve green fingers and are interested in organics, the organic growers of Ireland are looking for apprentices for next season. The scheme places those interested in horticulture on farms and together with workshops aims to build skills for people interested in growing or setting up an organic business. This is only the second year of the scheme, run by Organic Growers of Ireland with Department of Ag funding and support. Food and farming reporter Suzanne Campbell went to find out more about it.

    WARNING - Entries close March 1 so get your skates on! 

    Find out more OGI



    513 animals have been stolen from Irish farms since January 2013. And these are all tagged, a system designed to prevent fraud and theft. The IFA, The Gardai and Crimestoppers have joined together in an initiative to stop this, something that can cause financial ruin and fear for farmers everywhere. And they are offering a reward of €10,000, to get significant information that will lead to the arrest and charge of individuals in connection with livestock theft.
    Damien went out on the trail to see what he could find out.

    If you have any information contact your local Garda Station or Crimestoppers on 1800 25 00 25.



     One of Cynar's Plastics to Oil Plants

    What to do with the tons of waste plastic that is not or cannot be recycled. Well, it's all made from oil so why not turn it back into oil.. and that's exactly what Cynar do. From their first plant near Portlaoise, they have revolutionised the way plastics are dealt with.
    Damien went to meet Pat Alley, board Member of Cynar,who has plans for a €54m investment which would see six processing plants constructed with the creation of up to 180 jobs. Trifol Resources Limited would process 42,000 tonnes of plastic waste each year generating 40m litres of fuel valued at €28m, excluding taxes and duties.
    Trifol holds the exclusive Irish franchise for the technology which was developed by Cynar Plc which is a UK-registered, Irish-owned company.
    Cynar Web:

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