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    There's Whiskey In the Jar

    Paddy Lowbridge back in the Tullamore Dew Distillery after nearly 50 years.

    The renaissance of Irish Whiskey is well under way . This week Tullamore Dew re-opened their distillery after many years of blending whiskeys produced elsewhere. Louise Denvir talked to Paddy Lowbridge, one of the original workers in 1943, when Tullamore had its own distillery.

    Peter Mulryan has written several books on whiskey history and business in Ireland. He joins us from RTE Cork where he used to work (until this week). And no, he was not fired, or asked to take early retirement, he has left to set up.. Guess what – A Distillery!

    Tullamore Dew Web :

    Peter Mulryan twitter @themulryan

    Web : www.


    PJ Cunningham Essay

    PJ Cunningham reads a story called 'The Last Day of the Ploughman' from his new book: The Long Acre


    You can keep your Massey Fergusons and your Fendts too, cos I’ve got a horse outside


    Gerard King at the reins...

    When writer and publisher PJ Cunningham got his first experience of horse ploughing with his father little did he know it was to signal the end of one part of his life.... PJ reads 'The Last Day of the Ploughman'. From The Long Acre, his new book due out next month.

    And slightly more recently, Suzanne Campbell went to see horse ploughing in Collon, Co Louth this week on the King family farm with Gerry, David and Gerard at the reins.

    Ballpoint Press is PJ’s publishing company :




    Damien met Taoiseach Enda Kennedy and Minister Simon Coveney at the launch of two new Dairygold facilities in Mallow and Michelstown.  


    The World’s Banking on Our Green Credentials

    Juergen Voegele, was appointed Senior Director of the World Bank's Agriculture Global Practice on July 1, 2014. Damien talked to him during a recent visit to Dublin where Juergen was full of praise for the way Ireland organises its agriculture and especially how we are positioned to deal with , and serious about, climate change and the huge challenge this brings to world food production. And for all the climate change deniers out there, the World Bank is not a bunch of dewey eyed hippies, but hard nosed economists and bankers who deal in facts and science rather than prejudice and superstition.

    World Bank web :

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