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    Limousin – more than just a cattle breed

    It’s just over 9 years since the the Gardiner family moved from Galway to Limousin in France  to farm.  Declan and Emily now milk 180 goats, have a suckler herd of 130 and till 100Ha (approx).  It’s a day that other Irish will be in Paris for obvious reasons, so we asked the Gardiners about life in France and will they be watching the match?

    You can check on their farming life in France in their monthly piece in Irish Country Living in the Farmers Journal.


    Robotic Bee













    Robotic  bee – just one of the madder ideas outlined by  Carl DiSalvo of Georgia Tech at a workshop in the Science Gallery TCD. Louise Denvir went along to see what the future looks like in farming.  And it’s all a warm up for with FIELD TEST: RADICAL ADVENTURES IN FUTURE FARMING, a whole series of shows due to start in the Science Gallery 11 March.




    Buttering Up the Overseas Market

    Kevin Lane is the CEO of Ornua, formerly the Irish Dairy Board, and the producers of Kerrygold butter, one of Ireland’s most successful international food brands. He talks to Damien about the growth in dairy exports and as it is the first time we have talked to him since the row over “The Tale of City Sue”, their children’s cartoon advertorial, we thought we might ask him about that.

    Ornua web:




    PDO or PGI

    Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) or Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) – yes it sounds like a total load of EU Blaa...what it means is that if you have a unique food like say Parma Ham, it can only come from Parma in Italy. And one of the only 5 we have in Ireland is Blaa, the unique Waterford bread bap. Italy has about 400 by comparison.. Damien talked to Dermot Walsh of Walshs Bakehouse about this tradition.

    Walshs Bakehouse:

    The full list of all foods listed under these rules  is at

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