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    The Book on One is a celebration of writing from all over the world, with five 15-minute excerpts from a single book broadcast each week.


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    The Book On One, 1 to 5 February and 8 to 12 February 2016

    1 to 5 February

    ‘The Sound of Things Falling’ by Juan Gabriel Vásquez, read by Mark D’Aughton.

    Winner of the 2014 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award, ‘The Sound of Things Falling’ is a literary thriller which explores the Colombian drug trade.

    Translated from the Spanish by Anne McLean. 

    'The Sound of Things Falling' is published by Bloomsbury.

    8 to 12 February

    ‘Langrishe, Go Down’ by Aidan Higgins, read by Gary Murphy

    An archive recording of the late Aidan Higgins’ award-winning novel, which tells the story of the once-wealthy Langrishe family, and the youngest daughter’s affair with a visiting German scholar.

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