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    'The Big Chapel' by Thomas Kilroy

    Book On One

    This week's Book on One will be 'The Big Chapel', read by Breandán Ó Dúill.

      As playwright and poet Thomas Kilroy celebrates his 80th birthday on September 23rd, the Book on One this week features his award winning 1971 novel 'The Big Chapel', a story based on a notorious clerical scandal in Ireland in the 1870s.  This is a special recording from the RTÉ archives and it was first broadcast in 1984. 

    The reader is Breandán Ó Dúill. 

    Tonight, we'll hear the opening of the novel. Listen


    Father Lannigan was the parish priest of a town, just outside Kilkenny,  called Kyle.  But on account of a dispute over who would control the town’s schools, he began a fierce quarrel with his bishop and his cardinal, which resulted in his suspension. Last night we heard the opening of the novel but by now the people in the town are split between Father Lannigan’s supporters and those who back the bishop.

    In tonight’s episode, it’s Christmas 1871 and tensions in the town are running dangerously high.


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