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    The Book on One is a celebration of writing from all over the world, with five 15-minute excerpts from a single book broadcast each week.


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    'Young Skins' by Colin Barrett

      This week on The Book on One, writer      Colin Barrett will be reading two stories,  'Diamonds' and 'The Moon' from his debut   collection 'Young Skins'.  On Friday night,  he will be presented with the Frank  O’Connor international short story award  at the 15th Cork International Short Story  Festival. 

    'Young Skins' is published by The Stinging Fly Press. 

    Tonight, we'll hear the opening section of 'Diamonds' read by Colin Barrett. 

    Tonight we’ll hear the second extract from a story called ‘Diamonds’ -the narrator was living in the city, drinking too much....and he has just moved back to the town where he grew up, hoping to live a quieter life .....working in his old school.  One evening when he is attending an AA meeting in the town he notices a woman, about his own age, but they haven’t yet spoken to each other.   

    Tonight we’ll hear the final extract from ‘Diamonds’.

    The narrator had been living in the city....but he had been drinking too much and finally decided that he had a choice between dying or moving home. So he moved back to his home town, got a job in his old school and tried to live a quieter life.  One night, at an AA meeting, he met a woman and they went home together......and shared a bottle of whiskey.

    Tonight we’re going to hear the opening section of  'The Moon', our second short story from Colin Barrett's collection ‘Young Skins’

    Tonight, the final section of 'The Moon'- Valentine Neary is a bouncer at the Peacock Bar and Nightclub.  Martina Boran is the owner’s daughter and she and Valentine have been meeting up casually during the summer, although they have kept that to themselves. In tonight’s episode, Valentine, Martina and Martina’s friend Joan are having a drink after their shift has ended at the Peacock.  

    Thomas Kilroy's booker nominated novel 'The Big Chapel' read by Breandán Ó Dúill. 


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