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    Arts Tonight Monday 18 May 2015


    Arts Tonight

    Arts Tonight with Vincent Woods: A considered look at Culture and the Arts in Ireland and internationally

    Dermot Healy: A consideration of his writing and literary work.

    Dermot Healy's writing + literary work - with his editors Bill Swainson and Peter Fallon; poet Mary O'Malley; Keith Hopper who with Neil Murphy is co-editing his writing and related essays in 4 volumes for the Dalkey Archive Press; writer Timothy O'Grady in whose film of his book 'I Could Read The Sky' Dermot featured; writer Brian Leyden who also edited Force 10, founded by Healy and Neil Jordan, writer and longtime friend of Healy.

    About the show:

    Art Tonight with Vincent Woods is a weekly indepth programme of culture and the arts in Ireland and internationally.

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    Arts Tonight

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