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    August 29. This Saturday night, we've lined up birthday boy Bennie Maupin with his European quartet featuring pianist Michal Tokaj; some Grieg, on a recording by the WDR Symphony Orchestra Cologne; American blues artist Selwyn Birchwood, in advance of his appearance in Monaghan early next month; a "ladylike" Miriam Klein (the singer has just been re-issued on MPS); a solo guitar performance by José Luis Montón; Irish drummer Kevin Lawlor, from his new release "Eight"; the ambient strains of keyboard-player Steve Roach; more from Tarik O'Regan (see BLUE TUNES, below); Chet Baker (pictured), singing Rodgers & Hart; Vladimir Martynov's choral work "Six Songs"; young Irish guitarist Paul Meehan, from "The Lower Road"; the late Michael Garrick, recorded with Ian Carr and Don Rendell; and Martin Tourish's newly-available "The Seventh Degree (Of Irish Romanticism)". Please note a 10:05pm start...

    The Blue of the Night with Eamonn Lenihan Friday 28 August 2015


    The Blue of the Night with Eamonn Lenihan

    Acallam na Senórach - Tarik O'Regan's setting of this 12th Century Na Fianna narrative for choir and solo guitar is performed by Chamber Choir Ireland and guitarist Stewart French

      Blue Tunes Recommended -

    August 24th - 30th: Acallam na Senórach

    Acallam na Senórach is a setting by English composer Tarik O’Regan of a 12th Century text about the Fianna warriors Caílte mac Rónán and  Oisín, nephew of legendary Fionn Mac Cumhaill. O’Regan adapted the narrative into a one hour musical setting for solo guitar and chorus which was commissioned and recorded by Chamber Choir Ireland along with guitarist Stewart French. It’s under the Blue spotlight all this week.

    Music Played on the Show

    • 22:05
      Title: Piano Concerto No.1 In A Minor (3rd Movement) Andante Quasi Adagio
      Composer: Godard, Benjamin
      Performer(s): Howard Shelley (Piano)
      Performer(s): Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra
      Album: The Romantic Piano Concerto - 63: Benjamin Godard, Hyperion Records, CDA68043
      Duration: 8:29
    • 22:14
      Title: Wise Up
      Composer: Mann, Aimee
      Performer(s): Aimee Mann (Vocals)
      Performer(s): Aimee Mann (Vocals)
      Album: Magnolia, Reprise, 9362 47638 2
      Duration: 3:31
    • 22:17
      Title: Vladimir's Blues
      Composer: Richter, Max
      Performer(s): Max Richter (Piano)
      Performer(s): Max Richter (Piano), Louisa Fuller/Natalia Bonner (Violin) John Metcalf (Viola) Philip Sheppard/Chris Worsey (Cello)
      Album: Max Richter The Blue Notebooks, Max Richter, CD1304
      Duration: 1:18
    • 22:19
      Title: The Water Under The Moon
      Composer: Barnes, Jeremy
      Performer(s): A Hawk And A Hacksaw
      Performer(s): A Hawk And A Hacksaw
      Album: Darkness At Noon, Leaf, LC 12877
      Duration: 3:52
    • 22:24
      Title: Black Earth
      Composer: Say, Fazil
      Performer(s): Fazil Say (Piano)
      Performer(s): Fazil Say (Piano)
      Album: Say Plays Say, Naive, V5400
      Duration: 6:11
    • 22:32
      Title: I Wanna Be Around
      Composer: Mercer/Vimmerstedt
      Performer(s): Tony Bennett (Vocal)
      Performer(s): Tony Bennett (Vocal)
      Album: The Essential Tony Bennett, RPM/Columbia/Legacy, 82876809792
      Duration: 2:11
    • 22:34
      Title: Imagined Communities
      Composer: Tourish, Martin
      Performer(s): Martin Tourish (Accordion, Whistle, Organ)
      Performer(s): John Doherty (Voice), Et Al
      Album: Under A Red Sky Night,, MT001
      Duration: 5:13
    • 22:39
      Title: Courting Is A Pleasure
      Composer: Traditional
      Performer(s): Nic Jones (Vocals, Guitar)
      Performer(s): Nic Jones (Vocals, Guitar)
      Album: Penguin Eggs, Topic Records, TSCD 411
      Duration: 5:23
    • 22:45
      Title: Prelude No. 1 In C Major
      Composer: Bach, J S
      Performer(s): Bach, J S
      Performer(s): Anne-Marie O' Farrell (Harp)
      Album: Harping Bach To Carolan - Anne-marie O' Farrell, Number Twenty Nine, CD2901
      Duration: 2:24
    • 22:47
      Title: Chamber Symphony - I: Largo
      Composer: Shostakovich, Dmitri
      Performer(s): The Dmitri Ensemble
      Performer(s): Jamie Campbell (Violin)
      Album: Dimitri Shostakovich - Chamber Symphonies, Harmonia Mundi, HMU 907634
      Duration: 5:16
    • 22:53
      Title: Dolmen Dance
      Composer: Lee, Eddie
      Performer(s): Eddie Lee (Bass)
      Performer(s): Eddie Lee (Bass), David Lyttle (Drums), Steve Wickham (Fiddle), Anna Houston (Cello, Mandolin), Felip Carbonelli (Gtr)
      Album: On the Moon - No Crows, Claddagh, Promo
      Duration: 4:14
    • 22:58
      Title: Blues In C Sharp Minor
      Composer: Wilson, Teddy
      Performer(s): Teddy Wilson (Piano)
      Performer(s): Roy Eldridge (Trumpet), Chu Berry (Tenor Sax), Teddy Wilson & His Orchestra
      Album: Teddy Wilson - Vol.2, Naxos, 8.120665
      Duration: 3:19
    • 23:03
      Title: Elyne Road
      Composer: Diabate, Toumani
      Performer(s): Toumani Diabate (Kora)
      Performer(s): Toumani Diabate (Kora)
      Album: The Mandé Variations, World Circuit, WCD079
      Duration: 8:50
    • 23:12
      Title: Xvii) Patrick
      Composer: O'Regan, Tarik
      Performer(s): Chamber Choir Ireland (Aka National Chamber Choir Of Ireland)
      Performer(s): Stewart French (Guitar); Jim Higgins/Frank Torpey (Bodhrán), Chamber Choir Ireland
      Album: Acallam na Senórach: An Irish Colloquy, Harmonia Mundi 2011, HMU 807486
      Duration: 5:55
    • 23:18
      Title: Concerto For Piano And Orchestra (3rd Movement) Largo
      Composer: Lutoslawski, Witold
      Performer(s): Krystian Zimmerman (Piano)
      Performer(s): Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
      Album: Lutoslawski - Piano Concerto, Symphony No.2, Deutsche Grammophon, 479 4581
      Duration: 7:56
    • 23:27
      Title: Left Over
      Composer: Salvant, Cécile Mclorin
      Performer(s): Cécile Mclorin Salvant (Vocals)
      Performer(s): Aaron Diehl (Piano), Paul Sikivie (Dbl Bass), Lawrence Leathers (Drums)
      Album: For One to Love, Mack Avenue, MAC 1095
      Duration: 4:27
    • 23:33
      Title: Berceuse Amazigh
      Composer: Anon/ Berbere
      Performer(s): Montserrat Figueras (Soprano)
      Performer(s): Montserrat Figueras (Soprano), Hesperion Xxi
      Album: Ninna Nanna (Recordno: AV9826), Allavox, AV9826
      Duration: 2:43
    • 23:39
      Title: El Mestre
      Composer: Catalan Traditional
      Performer(s): Arianna Savall (Voice, Harp), Petter Udland Johansen (Voice, Hardingfele, Mandolin)
      Performer(s): Arianna Savall (Voice, Harp), Petter Udland Johansen (Voice, Hardingfele, Mandolin), Sveinung Lillegier (Guitar, Dobro, Voice), Minguel Angel Cordero (Double Bass, Voice), David Mayoral (Percussion
      Album: Hirundo Maris, ECM, ECM New Series 2227 278 4395
      Duration: 6:33
    • 23:50
      Title: Always Hopeful
      Composer: Sriram, Shrikant
      Performer(s): Bugge Wesseltoft (Piano), Josemi Carmona (Guitar)
      Performer(s): Bugge Wesseltoft (Piano), Josemi Carmona (Guitar), Shrikant Sriram (Bass, Flute), Vivek Rajagopalan, Khaled Yassine, Amade Cossa (Percussion)
      Album: OK World, Jazzland Recordings, 376 365-5
      Duration: 6:11
    • 23:57
      Title: April's Fool
      Composer: Trad Arr Jack Talty/Neil O'Loghlen
      Performer(s): Ensemble Eriu; Jack Talty (Concertinas/Electronics); Neil O'Loghlen (Bas
      Performer(s): Ensemble Eriu; Jack Talty (Concertinas/Electronics); Neil O'Loghlen (Bas, Mattehw Berrill(Clarinet); Mathew Jacobson (Percus, Patrick Groenland (Guitar); Sam Perkin(Keys); Co
      Album: Ensemble Eriu, Raelach Records, RRCD004
      Duration: 5:37
    • 00:07
      Title: Suite Bergamasque - Clair De Lune
      Composer: Debussy, Claude
      Performer(s): Mischa Maisky (Cello)
      Performer(s): Mischa Maisky (Cello), Daria Hovora (Piano)
      Album: Cello Encores, Deutsche Grammophon, 4785413
      Duration: 4:58
    • 00:09
      Title: Andante Largo Op.5 No.3
      Composer: Sor, Fernando
      Performer(s): William Carter (Guitar)
      Performer(s): William Carter (Guitar)
      Album: Fernando Sor Early Works - William Carter (guitar), Linn Records, CKD343
      Duration: 7:46
    • 00:17
      Title: Cancion De Cuna A Patricia (Lullaby For Patricia)
      Composer: Morraquín, José
      Performer(s): Gonzalo Rubalcaba (Piano), Joe Lovano (Tenor Sax), Miguel Zenon (Alto Sax)
      Performer(s): Gonzalo Rubalcaba (Piano), Joe Lovano (Tenor Sax), Miguel Zenon (Alto Sax), Charlie Haden (Bass), Michael Rodriquez (Trumpet), Ignacio Berroa (Drums)
      Album: Land Of The Sun, Gitanes, 0602498208250
      Duration: 7:00
    • 00:25
      Title: Mid Air
      Composer: Buchanan, Paul
      Performer(s): Paul Buchanan (Vocal, Piano)
      Performer(s): Paul Buchanan (Vocal, Piano)
      Album: Mid Air, Newsroom Records, ROOM01
      Duration: 2:32
    • 00:27
      Title: The Banks Of Sweet Primroses
      Composer: Trad Arr Begley/Reynolds
      Performer(s): Seamus Begley (Vocals)
      Performer(s): Damien Dempsey (Vocals);Tim Edey (Piano/Guitar); John Reynolds (Percussion/Pregramming)
      Album: The Bold Kerryman, Independent Records Ltd 2015, IRL093
      Duration: 3:31
    • 00:31
      Title: Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood
      Composer: Farina / Traditional
      Performer(s): Sandy Denny (Vocal)
      Performer(s): Sandy Denny (Vocal), Dave Swarbrick (Violin)
      Album: The Music Weaver, Universal / Island, 530 725-9
      Duration: 4:28
    • 00:36
      Title: Cinq Morceaux - Iii: Capriccioso
      Composer: Catoire, Georgy
      Performer(s): Marc-André Hamelin (Piano)
      Performer(s): Marc-André Hamelin (Piano)
      Album: Catoire - Piano Music, Helios, CDH55425
      Duration: 4:19
    • 00:40
      Title: Vale, Dulcis Amice
      Composer: Brooks, William
      Performer(s): Trio Mediaeval
      Performer(s): Anna Maria Friman, Linn Andrea Fuglseth, Berit Opheim (Voices)
      Album: Aquilonis, ECM New Series, 2416 481 1160
      Duration: 3:05
    • 00:43
      Title: Clarinet Quintet In B Flat (2nd Movement) Fantasia: Adagio
      Composer: Weber, Carl Maria Von
      Performer(s): Emma Johnson (Clarinet)
      Performer(s): Emma Johnson (Clarinet), Gabor Takacs-Nagy (Violin), Rebecca Hirsch (Violin), Tim Boulton (Viola), Andrew Shulman (Cello)
      Album: Mozart and Weber Clarinet Quintets, ASV, Dcdca1079
      Duration: 6:08
    • 00:49
      Title: Audrey
      Composer: Brubeck, Dave/Desmond, Paul
      Performer(s): Paul Desmond (Alto Sax)
      Performer(s): Paul Desmond (Alto Sax), Dave Brubeck Quartet
      Album: Dave Brubeck - Jazz Moods - Cool, Columbia/Legacy, COL 516422 2
      Duration: 3:33
    • 00:53
      Title: A Ballad
      Composer: Mulligan, Gerry
      Performer(s): Stan Getz (Tenor Saxophone), Gerry Mulligan (Baritone Saxophone)
      Performer(s): Stan Getz (Tenor Saxophone), Gerry Mulligan (Baritone Saxophone), Lou Levy (Piano), Ray Brown (Bass), Stan Levey (Drums)
      Album: Getz Meets Mulligan in Hi-Fi, Verve, 849 392-2
      Duration: 5:46

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