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Emperor and the Nightingale on RT…jr Radio

A fabulous 6 part version of Hans Christian Anderson's 'Emperor and the Nightingale' by Big Mouth Piano Tales. Big Mouth Piano Tales are a production company who have been producing and performing amazing concerts for Children for over 10 years around Ireland and the UK. (Click on the episode titles to listen)

Episode 1 "The Emperor": tiptoe through his China Palace, waft in the Gardens, and dare to brave the haunted Bamboo Forest to find The Nightingale and learn her song (before the Emperor catches you!)

Episode 2 "The Ambassadors": join the Ambassadors as they fight their way through the Bamboo Forest to visit the China Palace and Bow Down for the terrifying Emperor.

Episode 3 "The Nightingale": choose who you want to be:- a Servant, a Lord or Lady, a Fearsome Warrior, or a Kitchen Maid as they search for the Nightingale and make some sensationally silly noises.

Episode 4 "The Emperor's Tears": can you sing better than the Nightingale? Or dance like a robot? Have a go..but don't make the Emperor cry - OR ELSE.!!

Episode 5 "The Robot Bird": the robot bird isn't quite as good without his charger - its time for SUPERGEEK to come to the rescue!!! Singalong with the Emperor - you should know the song by now..

Episode 6 "Death": will The Nightingale rescue the Emperor? Better tune in to find out what happens in this scarey final episode, and sing the songs one last time..!

Little Pages Doodle Special

Little Pages Special, Sunday December 9th at 9am, RT…jr Radio

Join GrŠinne Clear and the current Laureate Na n”g Niamh Sharkey, for a live illustration workshop on RT…jr Radio which will be streamed live on this page. Children are invited to tune in and create their own illustrated story with the help of Niamh. All you need is some colouring pencils, crayons, paper and a little imagination !

I Am Falcon

I am Falcon, a new six part drama starts this Saturday morning, November 17th at 9am on RT…jr Radio. Learn about Peregrine Falcons, Sparrowhawks , Ospreys, Long Eared Owls and all about bird conservation too. The story is told through the eyes of a Mother Peregrine Falcon and her young Eyases (Peregrine chick).

I am Falcon is an All Points West production with the support of funding from The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.

Disneyland Paris

Emma Power and GrŠinne Clear from RT…jr Radio were at Disneyland Paris recently to celebrate the launch of its 20th Christmas Season. Children from European Foundations were invited along to make their dreams come true, and Emma and GrŠinne welcomed the children from Make-A-Wish Ireland. They all participated in a magical workshop with children who came to make their dreams come true.

Junior Sport

Fridays at 5.45pm, repeated on Sunday mornings at 9.45am

Hi I'm Rhona Tarrant and you can join me every Friday evening at 5.45pm for Junior Sport on RT…jr Radio. We'll have all the news from local, national and international sport, talk to your favourite sports stars and most importantly you can have your say too !

If you would like to report on anything from your local club, or talk about your favourite team, submit questions or even interview players, just send me an email to junior@rte.ie! Junior Sport...It's all about you!

Ian McGlynn's Classical Kids

New series starts Sunday June 3rd 7-8am, repeated Tuesdays 4pm

Classical Kids is a programme of the world’s best classical music made especially for Junior listeners. Tune in for a fun introduction to composers, musicians and instruments just for younger listeners – and maybe some grownups too! So whether you’re hankering for Harry Potter, buzzing over Flight of the Bumblebee or raving about Rhapsody in Blue, this is the show for you!

Let your imagination run wild, with four hundred years of fantastic music, visiting deep oceans, dark forests, dangerous jungles and even outer space. We hope you can join us on this aural adventure!

For more information and details of the music played on the show, go the Classical Kids page on RTE Lyric FM

RTÉjr Radio –

RT…jr Radio presenters Colm Flynn , Audrey Donohue and Emma Power celebrating with Minnie Mouse at the Disneyland Paris 20th Anniversary Celebrations recently

RTÉjr Radio – The Club

Hi guys, Colm here from the Club and I'm really excited about moving to the afternoons on RT… Jr Radio. From now on I'll be on air weekdays between 4 and 7pm! How cool is it that ? We can now hang out after school ! On the Club we'll have great songs, facts that will amaze you, jokes that will make you chuckle and lots of friends who will be joining me on the show. Between 6 and 7pm I'll be playing RT… Jr Radio's hottest music which I think is the best way to wrap up a day, wouldn't you agree? The best thing about this part of the show, is your chance to get on air ! If you want to hear yourself on the radio email junior@rte.ie and leave all your details so we can get in touch! Talk to you on the Club !

Emma's Magical Kingdom

Sunday's 10am, repeated Wednesday at 4pm

I'm Emma Power and I present Emma's Magical Kingdom on RT…jr Radio. I love everything to do with Disney, and so every week we talk about all your favourite Disney characters, movies and music !

My all time favourite character from Disney is 'Belle' from Beauty and The Beast ! Do you have a favourite ?

I hope you like to sing too because I play some of the best Disney tunes in each programme.
It's always great fun on the show, so I hope you all tune in :)

Congratulations to the winners of the poem competition on Emma's Magical Kingdom.
Eve Gallagher from Offaly
Emily Gallagher from Offaly
Lila De Eyto from Clare
Evan & Alex Rowe from Dublin
Ryan Conway from Offaly
Emily Murray from Dublin

Here are some of the poems from the winners:

I'd love to be a princess There all so very pretty
With pretty dresses and sparkly shoes
And tiara's in there hair

I'd dance around the ball
In my pretty sparkly dress
Oh I'd love to be a princess if only for a day

By Emily from Co Offaly

Disney is a happy happy place
with smiles and fun all around
when i think of disney i think of magic

I jump up and down with happiness when
I see Mickey and Minnie on tv and wish i was there with them
disney is full of magic and fun and everyone is happy there.

oh how i wish i was in Disney, the magical kingdom.
Ryan Conway from co Offaly

Disney is a happy happy place
with smiles and fun all around
when i think of disney i think of magic

I jump up and down with happiness when
I wear my princess dress as it makes me
feel like one.

When micky and minnie are around to say
hello and play we all have fun

oh how i wish i was in disney the magical kingdom.

By Eve Gallagher from co Offaly

Disney is magical.
Kids are happy
Mikey laughs
Miney smile
Snow is falling
Mikey throwing snowballs
Donald quaking
Winnie's eating
Kids are playing
Christmas is happy
Paris is packed
Miney gives present
Mikey laughing

From Evan and Alex Rowe from Dublin

I'm a Disney.princess I live in a castle in Newcastle, Co Dublin. My mammy is a princess and my daddy is a prince they got married in a castle trim castle. Minny is my favourite and Mickey is my brother's. We love the sparkley magic of disney. We love goofey too. My name is Emily I'm age 3 and my brother is 9 months old and just over menengitis so we are looking forward to a magical Christmas.
Merry Christmas

Emily Murray


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Audrey's Snooze Hour

Sunday to Friday daily at 12 midday

Presented by Audrey Donohue "The Snooze Hour" is show packed with beautiful relaxing music perfect for naptime. The show is suitable for babies, kids and tired parents too! Featuring lullabies and music from the world of classical, jazz, pop, film and much more.

LITTLE PAGES with GrŠinne Clear

Sunday mornings at 9am, repeated on Fridays at 4pm

I’m Gráinne and welcome to LITTLE PAGES. My new book programme is especially for children with good stuff for your parents too.

My favourite subject is children’s books and each week we will talk about a different book. We will look at all your favourites from writers like Roald Dahl, Beatrix Potter and AA Milne as well as new Irish books from authors such as Karl O’Neill, Roddy Doyle and Siobhán Parkinson. Each week I will have a little guest to chat about the story, help me tell you about the book and to read some of their favourite bits.

Once a month we will look at great picture books, some by Irish authors, as well as poetry books that I know you will love, from classics like Dr Seuss to new Irish collections.

Make sure to join me every week!
(A programme especially for parents. discussing children’s books, how they work and why children like them will also be available soon in podcast form.)

Little Pages Podcasts

More Podcasts...

'Animal Crackers' with Emma O' Driscoll

Saturday's 10am

Join Emma every Saturday morning for 'Animal Crackers'!

Emma just loves animals and she chooses her favourite animal songs every Saturday morning just for you!

You will hear a song about almost every kind of animal in the world on the show. Now that's a lot of animal. Have a listen to 'Animal Crackers' and see if you can make animal sounds to match the songs that Emma chooses. It's great fun! Ruff Ruff!

DarŠine's Activity Hour

11am - 12pm Monday to Friday, repeated at 2pm

Toddlers love to walk, run and jump around! Dancing and moving are fun activities that you can do to help with babies and toddlers’ coordination and development. The ‘Activity Hour’ on RTÉjr Radio is designed to help parents at home with children, crèches and preschools to encourage children to move and participate with music – even if its only wiggling their toes!

We have carefully chosen music that is fun, and promotes movement and self awareness. Some songs just encourage jumping around and shouting while other songs talk about feelings and emotions.

Daráine, the presenter of the show, has been broadcasting on RTÉjr Radio since the beginning! She works in Young People’s programmes in television and is working with young children on a daily basis.

We hope you and the children enjoy The Activity Hour.

Wakey Wakey

Monday to Friday, 7am to 9am
is an early morning show for RTÉjr Radio listeners - Great tunes, lovely songs and just a few nursery Rhymes to get you up into the day

Hokey Pokey

Monday to Friday, 9am to 11am
Music and fun for the little ones. When the senior juniors are hitting the school books after 9am, it’s time to settle back with a mix of your favourite nursery rhymes, stories, music from the movies and some tunes that the even grown ups might like.

Hokey Pokey

Hubble SIMULCAST with RT… TV

Monday to Friday, 10am
Everyone should know a bubble has a control room, a hub, which is definitely a great place to be. Daily adventures in 'hubble' with Emma and ”gie, take young viewers on journeys of discovery and play. On board the wonderful bubble machine everything a small child needs and wants to engage with will be explored.



Jr Pyjama

Monday to Friday, 7pm to 8pm
comes on air a bit later in the evening when the little ones are heading for bed - settle them down with some good sweet music and a few lullabies to help.


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Fluffy Gardens

Various times throughout the week
Fluffy Gardens, the Irish made animated series that follows playful little animals as they go about their daily lives and adventures...



It's the Weekend

Saturday, 7-10/ Sun 7-9am
wakes us all up on Saturday and Sunday mornings with a mix of Junior Pop and songs and stories to get you started.


Put On Your Party

Tell us a Tale
Sunday 11am - 11.30am

Tell Us A Tale is a weekly childrens radio programme from Central Virginia in the U S.A. It has been running for nearly 10 years in America and it can also be heard every week on Radio Stations in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Taiwan! PeterJones is the name of the man who makes the programme and he has been working in radio for many years making up all sorts of characters and stories along the way. Listen in every week to a mixture of story telling and music with special guests and lots of different sounds.


RTÉ Junior

The Zucchini Brothers - Live! at the Clubhouse

Sun 11.30am - 12pm
RTÉjr Radio is delighted to have a chance to visit the Clubhouse of the madly talented Zucchini Brothers every Sunday at 1130. This Club house is in Zucchiniland and the three brothers, Jack, Steve and Sam are famous all over America even in their home place of Saratoga Springs in New York ! They play guitar, keyboards and drums and the mix up a stir fry of music every Sunday morning.

Here's what some people have said about them :
"The Beatles of kids' music."
-Steve Charney/Producer, Knock on Wood Radio
"Your music is truly original!"
-PJ Swift/Producer, Pickleberry Pie Radio