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There are many ways that you can listen to RTE GOLD which is a DAB service (Digital Audio Broadcast) A DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast) Radio is the only receiver at present that is capable of receiving all of RTÉ's transmitted radio content.

The RTÉ NL DAB MUX (multiplex) on channel 12C - 227.360 MHz has 54% population coverage and is available in Cork and Limerick cities and the greater Dublin area. To tune RTE GOLD in for the first time, select 'auto-tune' or 'scan' on your Digital Radio.

The Dab Ireland MUX 1 along with all of the stations it contains will be found and stored in your radio. From this point on, RTE GOLD and other stations are available in a simple list on the radio's display. While each radio model differs, selecting is usually done by turning a knob and pressing 'Select'.

You can also listen to GOLD on your computer using the RTE Radio Player or if you have an internet radio connected to the net.

Gold is also available on Saorview. To access SAORVIEW for free, you need an aerial and a SAORVIEW Approved set-top-box for you old TV or an aerial and a new SAORVIEW Approved TV. All RTÉ's radio services and programme guides are listed on the SAORVIEW EPG, from channel 200 to 209.

RTE GOLD is also available on your TV if you are a Virgin Media customer.

For those on the move the following Apps are available for a selection of popular modern phones on the market. . Irish Radioplayer app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices . RTÉ Radio Player App for iPhone, iPad and Android You may wish to consult the 'Ways to Listen' tab above for further details.