The Taoiseach on the Situation in the North


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In a landmark statement broadcast on radio and television, the Taoiseach Jack Lynch asks the British government to request a peace-keeping force from the United Nations.

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    Broadcast by An Taoiseach
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    The Taoiseach on the Situation in the North
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    In a landmark statement broadcast on radio and television, the Taoiseach Jack Lynch asks the British government to request a peace-keeping force from the United Nations.

    The situation, according to the Taoiseach, has been caused by the forces of sectarianism and prejudice. Lynch states that "We deplore sectarianism and intolerance in all their forms wherever they occur" and that it is now clear that the present situation can not be allowed to continue.

    The Taoiseach states that the Northern Ireland government is no longer in control of the situation and that the RUC is not accepted as an impartial police force. He also announces that the Irish Army will set up field hospitals along the border as "it is clear also that the Irish government can no longer stand by and see innocent people injured and perhaps worse."

    Lynch acknowledges that the RUC is no longer accepted as an impartial police force and the use of British forces would not be acceptable in restraining further violence. In this light, the Irish government has contacted the British government to make a request to the United Nations for a peace-keeping force to be installed in Northern Ireland.

    Lynch has also made a request to the British government that all police attacks on the people of Derry cease immediately. Field hospitals will be established along the border to assist with the treatment of any injured people who do not want to be treated at a hospital in the six counties.

    Lynch stresses the view that the only resolution to the conflict is the reunification of all of Ireland and is pressing the British government for a constitutional review for the six counties of Northern Ireland.

    Lynch's vision is that a resolution can be found in the short term through the granting of full equality of citizenship to all people in the six counties and in the long term by the restoration of unity of all of Ireland.

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    An official broadcast by An Taoiseach, Jack Lynch, broadcast on 13 August 1969.

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    Northern Ireland 1969, August 1969, Taoiseach, Jack Lynch, Peace-Keeping, United Nations, RUC, Derry, Londonderry
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