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    Dan Hegarty - The Alternative Tuesday 16 September 2014


    Dan Hegarty - The Alternative

    The Alternative To Sleep! Alt Rock, Metal, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Electro, plus the RTE 2fm studio sessions, & live music from across Europe.



    'Crush Songs' is the debut solo album from Karen O of Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It's heartfelt, honest, and at times near heartbreaking. She wrote it during tough times, but it's not soppy love-lost ballads; what you get here is stripped back songs that show her ability with a minimal amount of production polish.


    Limerick's Fox Jaw are back with album number two 'Ghost’s Parade'. Here's a bunch of songs that they can happily bring anywhere, and win audiences with ease. Great song titles to match the tunes - 'Caked In Sin', ‘Weasel’s Hammer’, and the single ‘Falling Debris’. They’ve carved out a sound that’s stays away from anything else that’s around right now.


    ‘Being’ is quite something. It’s from Mozart's Sister (Montreal’s Caila Thompson-Hannant) who straddles a world between Grimes, Fever Ray, and tUnE-yArD. This is Pop without the corrosive sugar content, and it may turn out to be one of the surprise hits of 2014. It’s impossible to tell just yet, but let’s keep our fingers crossed.



    How this album didn’t get embraced in a really big way commercially is a mystery. Released in 2009, it followed their Choice Music Prize-winning debut album. Every indication suggested that this was going to see SEBP make an international impact. As an album, this has everything you could ask for; great songs, a strong cast of guests (Cadence Weapon, Heathers, MayKay from Fight Like Apes, etc.), and the sound of a band in their prime. Track it down listen to it, and enjoy it. Dan features ‘Night Horses’ as this week’s Buried Treasure.




    Playlist - The Alternative (with Dan Hegarty) - Tuesday, September 16

    The Drums – ‘Let’s Go Surfing’ 
    The Chemical Brothers - 'Song To The Siren'
    The Garden Twins - 'We Been Grindin’
    Daithi (Feat: Danny O’Reilly) – ‘In Flight’
    Public Service Broadcasting - 'Theme From PSB’
    The Smiths – ‘What Difference Does It Make?’
    The Drays - 'The Fourteenth Floor’
    Analogue Wave (Feat: The Re
    Jimmy Cliff - 'Viet Nam'
    Benjamin Booker – ‘Chipewa’
    Peaches - 'Boys Wanna Be Her'
    Bow Wow Wow – ‘I want Candy’
    Jerry Fish (Feat: R.S.A.G.) – ‘Barefoot & Free’ (James Darkin Remix)
    The Go! Team – ‘Apollo Throwdown’
    Justice – ‘Audio, Video, Disco’

    Hour 2:

    Justice – ‘Genesis’
    Cowboy X – ‘Analogue Droids’
    Chvrches – ‘Gun’
    John Barry Seven – ‘James Bond Theme’
    Soak – ‘B a noBody’
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs – ‘Maps’
    Karen O – ‘NYC Baby’
    Paul Thomas Saunders – ‘Starless State Of The Moonless Barrow’
    Kavinsky (Feat: Lovefoxx) – ‘Nightcall’
    Fox Jaw – ‘Stream Of Consciousness’
    Led Zeppelin – ‘Black Dog’
    Kerbdog – ‘Electricity’
    Rocket from The Crypt – ‘On A Rope’
    Ulrich Schnauss – ‘Gone Forever’

    Hour 3:

    Grimes – ‘Genesis’
    Super Extra Bonus Party (Feat: Heathers) – ‘Comets’
    Jungle – ‘Platoon’
    The Stone Roses – ‘Fools Gold’
    Mozart’s Sister – ‘Don’t Leave It To Me’
    Blink – ‘Cello’ (2014 Remaster)
    Augustus & John – ‘Crosslines’
    The Go-Betweens – ‘Caroline And I’
    Sails – ‘Winning Wars’
    Halves – ‘White Boa Howl’
    Speed Of Snakes – ‘Backbone Of Night’
    The Drums – ‘U.S. National Park’
    Electric Penguins – ‘Always, Always’

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