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    It is important to make sure that, if you are using a frozen turkey that you allocate sufficient time for it to defrost in a refrigerated environment.  It will take up to 48 hours to defrost.
    Never leave turkey or any raw meat out of the fridge for either defrosting or storage purposes.   When defrosting turkey it should be stored at the bottom of  the fridge so as to prevent it dripping onto other foods, therefore prevent contamination.
    One of my best tips is to loosen the skin on the turkey and then using your hands slide some softened butter under the skin and massage it carefully into the breasts before cooking as this helps to moisten the meat.    Sprinkling the skin with some salt and cracked black pepper will give the skin a nice crispy, crunchy consistency, and then if you wish you can remove the skin before eating.  Alternatively you can lay rashers of streaky bacon on top of the turkey to prevent the meat from drying out.

    On Christmas Eve:

    Peel your potatoes and prepare the vegetables, have them covered and in the fridge.
    Make your stuffings – your traditional breadcrumbs with onion and sage or we prefer sausage meat & apricot but you could try something sweeter like cranberry & butternut squash – again, store in the fridge.
    Perhaps bake some mince pies and have to nibble on Christmas Eve and also to leave out for Santa.  Just make sure to keep some for Christmas Day to reheat.
    If mulled wine is on your menu you can get this ready straight away as it improves overnight, but you also have it one hand during the afternoon to make sure you’re happy with the recipe!
    Get your white wine, beers and champagne into a cold spot – outside if you have no room in your fridge (even the boot of the car if you don’t have the outdoor space)!
    Prepare your desserts for Christmas Day – traditional trifle is a MUST for me but of course the Christmas Pudding is already made.   Make sure there’s plenty of fresh cream and/or ice cream which can be flavoured with brandy or your favourite liqueur.
    Place the ham on to boil.   Once cooked remove the outer rind leaving an even layer of fat.   Score the fat and insert the cloves, cover and place in the fridge for glazing and the final baking on Christmas morning.
    If you have the luxury of a separate dining room table get it set now and its all ready, if not just have all your napkins folders, cutlery and glasses polished and china all ready for setting.
    Make sure you recruit family members to help out in plenty of tasks and cleaning up.  You always have the Mulled Wine if the adults need some extra encouragement!  Make sure your presents are all wrapped and labelled under the tree.

    Christmas Day

    1. Crack of dawn Santa has arrived so its all go for t least ½ hour with the kids, pots of tea for the parents and grandparents to get us awake!
    9.00 Have your breakfast. This is a great time to just chill out. Normally people have been frantically preparing for Christmas for the last number of weeks and no that the day is actually here it is important to relax and enjoy it. The fact that the house is full of gift wrapping paper at this stage is immaterial-that can be sorted at a later stage.
    2. 10.00 Dundon Family usually head to family mass in Duncannon
    3. 10.40 Preheat the oven, stuff turkey and put it on to cook. Make sure that you have been careful in calculating the weight of the turkey. You need to allocate 20 minutes per lb (of stuffed turkey) and then an additional 20 minutes. A full turkey should rest for at least 30 further minutes. The turkey we are suggesting is a total of 14lb in weight with 2lb stuffing.
    4. 12.00 If you have not got the table set at this stage, from yesterday, then now is a suitable time to do it. Depending on the situation, you might have someone to do this for you or at least help you! Make sure to put out the cranberry sauce too! I've allocated 15 minutes but some people could take up to an hour. Hopefully you will have someone else to allocate to breakfast wash up. Christmas is a really good occasion to take out all of the good cutlery and glass ware. Pretty table centrepieces make a huge impact so it is nice to make the special effort to adorn the table to create the festive atmosphere.
    5. 12.15 Make some Egg nog and open your presents. Now is a great time for some nibbles. Things like smoked salmon on fresh brown bread, pates on toast, cold meats with Dundon Food Experience Christmas Chutney of course! This could be instead of a starter later on.
    6. 13.00 Gather together all the ingredients for the roast gravy as this is often forgotten
    7. 13.15 Par boil your potatoes for ten minutes and place in your roasting tray with your turkey
    8. 13.30 Whip some cream at this stage and do any final preparations with your dessert. I normally finish assembling the dessert at this stage.
    9. 14.00 It is now past the midday water shed so now might be a suitable time to prepare some mulled wine in case you have any visitors calling or perhaps even the cook would have time for a little class to assist cooking! This is a good time to put the ham into oven to reheat.
    10. 14.30 Whatever you are having for starter (smoked Salmon with crème fraiche )now is a suitable time to finish working on it. I also recommend having a starter that can be prepared in advance
    11. 14.45 Put on your vegetables on to cook
    12. 15.00 Remove turkey and let it rest for 30 min while your finish off your gravy and vegetables. This is a good time to put the pudding on to reheat.
    13. 15.30 Sit down with your family and enjoy your Christmas dinner

    Music Played on the Show

    • 16:41
      Title: Once Upon A Christmas Song
      Performer(s): Geraldine
      Performer(s): Geraldine
      Duration: 3:37
    • 17:07
      Title: The Days
      Performer(s): Avicii
      Performer(s): Avicii
      Album: The Days/Nights - EP
      Duration: 4:00
    • 18:39
      Title: Stay Another Day
      Performer(s): East 17
      Performer(s): East 17
      Album: NOW That's What I Call Christmas
      Duration: 4:39
    • 18:51
      Title: Christmas Time (Don't Let The Bells End)
      Performer(s): The Darkness
      Performer(s): The Darkness
      Album: Christmas - The Collection (50 of the Greatest Original Xmas Hits)
      Duration: 3:43

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