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    Driveby - Simon Lamont

    Simon Lamont AKA The Lazy Chef was in with some culinary delights! Check them out at Bloom 2015 Phoenix Park, Dublin May 28th - June 1st

    Driveby - Wyvern Lingo

    Studio session with Wyvern Lingo who are supporting Hozier on current UK tour For more info go to:

    SIMON LAMONT      Rudd’s Recipes

    1)Pan-Fried Roulade, Scallops and Parsley & Lemon Dressing

    This dish is more at home is a restaurant, it just goes to show you how easy it is to replicate it at home! Black pudding is a classic combination with shellfish, roulade is even better though! Try not to overcook the scallops, they will literally take seconds to cook in a got pan! When you squeeze the lemon juice into the pan you are caramelising the natural sugars to give the dish a sweet and tart finish!


    · Fry the roulade, 3minutes each side. When cooking set aside on a warm plate

    · In the same pan, fry the scallops quickly. 2-3 minutes until they are a nutty colour.

    · Add a big knob of butter and big handful of parsley.

    · Remove from the heat.

    · Squeeze the juice of half a lemon over the scallops, shake the pan and mix well.

    · Plate up, place a roulade on a warm plate, top with a couple of scallops and pour over

    the pan juices.

    · Serve with wedge of lemon, nice little starter. Bistro-style.

    Quantities & Ingredients

    4 slices Roulade

    8 Scallops (prepped)

    1 big juicy Lemon

    1 large Parsley, chopped rough

    2)Turkish Mangal Skewers, serves 4

    Mangal is Turkish for BBQ, a social tradition perfected over generations. Sizzling meats over smoking coals, there is nothing quite like it. The flavours in my Sausage kebabs are a nod to the exquisite Koftes of Istanbul, one of my inspirational food Meccas. There are some great Middle Eastern and North African popping up all over the country, so keep an eye out for lemony Sumac and Turkish Chilli flakes. They are a great addition to the cupboard and turn a regular BBQ into an exotic Mangal!


    · Skewer the onion, sausage, courgette and red pepper onto Kebab skewers.

    · Cook on a moderate bbq or under the grill. Turn them regularly, seasoning with salt,

    cumin and chilli as you go. Cook for 8mins

    · When the skewers are nearly ready place the pitta breads on top of the skewers. Rub

    and squeeze them against the grilling meat to impart flavour.

    · Remove from heat, season with paprika and sumac.

    · Serve with the seasoned breads, finely sliced red onion, parsley leaves and a big

    wedge of lemon.

    Quantities & Ingredients

    4 Jumbo Sausages

    4 Pitta Breads

    1 Onion

    1 each Red pepper & Courgette

    Pinches of Sumac, cumin, chilli flakes, paprika

    Garnish with Red Onion, Parsley, Jalapeño, lemon

    3)Rasher Naan

    The flavours in this sandwich work surprisingly well. My little sister was the inspiration of this dish. She loves a rasher sandwich, she love cream cheese, she loves Indian food. All components work so well, the coriander cream cheese and spicy tomato jam are perfect with Rudds dry cure rashers.


    · Grill the rashers 3mins each side. In a frying pan sweat the red onions, cook until soft

    add tomatoes & Garam Masala. Cook them until it’s jammy.

    · Run cold water over naan to rehydrate. Grill the naan when the rashers are almost

    finished. Mix the chopped coriander with the cream cheese.

    · Construct the naan, take the hot steamy naan and spread the coriander cream

    cheese on one side. Top with crispy rashers and the spiced tomato jam. Throw over

    some extra coriander

    · Really posh brunch or supper meal!

    Quantities & Ingredients

    4 Rashers

    200g Cream Cheese

    Bunch Coriander

    2 Tomatoes, quartered

    3 Red Onions, sliced

    2 teaspoons Garam Masala, heaped

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