RTÉ Access Services Schedule

The following programmes will be added to the Irish Sign Language schedule on RTE1

LIVE on RTE NEWS NOW: Sinn Fein Leaders Speech - 16th November

Labour Leader's Speech - 20th of November

Raised By The Village - Starts 27th November

Sinn Fein Leaders Speech - 27th November

My Big Day Home Or Away - Starts 27th November

Pulling With My Parents - Starts 18th December

The Rotunda - Starts 22nd December

My Yellow Brick Road - Starts 22nd December

The Borrowers - Starts 1st January

News for the Deaf (Every day)

ISL Weekly Weather Forecast (Every Sunday)

Audio Description

Below is a list of the programmes currently being shown with Audio Description on RTÉ One.

Audio Description can be accessed through your TV set up


Holby City


Drop Dead Weird


The Day Henry Met

Taken Down

Red Water

Can't Cope, Won't Cope

Living with the Fairy

Striking Out

Resistance (AKA Rebellion) Series 2

Peak zoo