The Round of 16 is beginning to take shape at the World Cup. Here we look at the permutations for the remaining groups.

RTÉ Sport will broadcast one group game live on RTÉ2, as well as the second game live on the RTÉ News channel and RTÉ Player.

Group E

Group E final fixtures (Thursday)
Costa Rica v Germany, 7pm - RTE2 and Player
Japan v Spain, 7pm - RTE News Channel and Player
  • Spain will qualify with a win or a draw having already accumulated four points. A loss to Japan would see them relying on goal difference which they have in abundance thanks to their 7-0 success over Costa Rica. If Costa Rica beat Germany and Spain lose, they would be eliminated.
  • Japan will qualify with a win over Spain. A draw, and the same result in Costa Rica v Germany clash, will also be enough. They will be knocked out if defeated. A draw and Costa Rica shocking Germany will also end their tournament. A draw and a German win would leave second place to be decided by goal difference.
  • Costa Rica will progress if they beat Germany. A draw would be eough if Spain overcome Japan. A draw in both games or a defeat for Costa Rica will end their chances of reaching the last 16.
  • Germany must pick win due to only picking up a point so far.. A win and a favour from Spain in beating Japan will be enough. A Japan win or draw would bring the group to goal difference. Any other scenario and the Germans are going home.

Group F

Group F final fixtures (Thursday)
Croatia v Belgium, 3pm - RTE2 and Player
Canada v Morocco, 3pm - RTE News Channel and Player
  • Croatia will progress if they stay undefeated here. A loss would require Canada to beat Morocco and goal difference would become a factor.
  • Morocco will also progress if they avoid a loss. Should they falter, it would leave them needing Belgium to beat Croatia. Again goals scoring and conceded would then decide it.
  • Belgium will qualify with victory over Croatia, something which has been forgotten due to the demoralising last performance. They will be out if defeated. A draw will only be enough if Morocco lose to Canada. Goal difference then decides the equation. Calculators at the ready for this group.
  • Canada are out.

Group G

Group G final fixtures (Friday)
Cameroon v Brazil, , 7pm - RTE2 and Player
Serbia v Switzerland, 7pm - RTE News Channel and Player
  • Brazil have qualified and will top the group with the minimum of a draw. If Brazil lose and Switzerland win, it will come down to goal difference. That is only +3 as it stands so it isn’t insurmountable.
  • Switzerland will progress with a win and exit the competition in defeat. They could top the group on the above scenario. If Switzerland draw they would advance if Brazil win or draw. But if Cameroon beat Brazil and the Swiss only draw, then it comes down to goal difference.
  • Serbia and Cameroon are in the same boat. They need a victory to have a chance. However, if they both win, it would come down to goal difference as they’d be level on four points. Given they’ve a similar rate, with the African side one goal better off now but still to play Brazil, it could be extremely close. The tiebreaker will be posted at the end of this update.

Group H

Group H final fixtures (Friday)
Ghana v Uruguay, 3pm - RTE2 and Player
South Korea v Portugal, 7pm - RTE News Channel and Player
  • Portugal have qualified after their two wins. A draw against South Korea would ensure top spot.
  • Ghana will progress with a win against Uruguay. A Ghana draw will be enough if South Korea fail to beat Spain. A win for the Asian outfit brings goal difference in as a decider.
  • Uruguay and South Korea must win.
  • Uruguay can still go through with a win if South Korea don't beat Portugal. If both teams are victorious, then second spot will be decided between them by goal difference.

FIFA rules on tiebreakers

If teams are level on points and goal difference, the following tiebreakers apply

  • Greatest number of goals scored in all group matches

If two or more teams in the same group are equal on the basis of the above criteria, their rankings will be determined as follows:

  • Greatest number of points obtained in the group matches between the teams concerned;
  • Superior goal difference resulting from the group matches between the teams concerned;
  • Greatest number of goals scored in all group matches between the teams concerned;
  • Highest team conduct score relating to the number of yellow and red cards obtained;
  • Drawing of lots by FIFA.