The draw for the third UEFA Nations League will take place in Switzerland on Thursday.

What's happening?

European chiefs will make the draw for the 2022/23 Nations League, in the Swiss city of Nyon on Thursday evening.

How many teams are involved?

All of UEFA’s 55 member nations will go into the hat, with the draw dividing the teams into four leagues. Leagues A, B and C will have 16 teams, drawn into four groups of four. League D will comprise seven teams, split into two groups.

Where do Ireland fit in?

Stephen Kenny proclaimed that his side are aiming to win their group in the upcoming competition. The Republic of Ireland will be placed in Pot 3 for League B. Northern Ireland rewarded manager Ian Baraclough with a new contract ahead of the draw. The former Sligo Rovers manager's side are in League C and will be in Pot 1.

And as for our friends from across the water in Britain?

Gareth Southgate’s beaten Euro 2020 finalists will be in Pot 3 for League A. Wales will be in Pot 4 for League A while the Scots will be in League B, and will be drawn from Pot 2.

How have they worked out the seeding?

The league ladder has been determined by the teams’ results in the 2020/21 Nations League.So when will the matches actually happen?

All group fixtures will be held in June and September 2022. The four group winners in League A will progress to the finals in June 2023. The group winners from the other three leagues will be promoted for the 2024/25 season. Teams finishing fourth in the groups in Leagues A and B will be relegated.