Following more social media threats aimed at James McClean over the weekend, the FAI have assured the player that it will assist him and his family in any way it can.

The Stoke winger highlighted a message from a user that said: "Don't make me set your house on fire and burn everyone inside it". The post was the fourth in a string of messages from the same account and comes a few days after he called for an end to anti-Irish abuse.

In response, the FAI CEO Jonathan Hill said: "The FAI remains committed to safeguarding all of our players against any form of abuse on any social media platform. To abuse or threaten James or any player because of his nationality should not be tolerated by society. Unfortunately, such behaviour is all too common now on social media.

"Only last week we commended the stance taken by English football against the abuse of footballers across all social media channels and we are examining how best we can take a similar stance."

Under the leadership of Intercultural Programme National Co-ordinator Des Tomlinson, the FAI is currently working on new Racism and Discrimination policies which will be presented to Board in the coming weeks.

"The latest incident involving James and his family highlights how important this work is and why football needs to take action," commented Des Tomlinson.

"In recent times many of our players have been victims of social media abuse, hate speech and threats including Jonathan Afolabi, Cyrus Christie and James. It is not acceptable and I will assure James of our full support as he deals with this."

Last summer the Derry man called on his international team-mates to support him after he claimed he had received "more abuse than any other player during my nine years in England."

The Professional Footballers' Association also condemned the messages McClean has received, writing on twitter that, "The sectarian abuse that @stokecity winger, James McClean, received over the weekend on social media is totally unacceptable.

"No player should have to face abuse based on their race, religion or nationality. We stand with all players against discrimination."

McClean's wife, Erin, detailed at length on social media on Monday the abuse the couple have had to deal with over the years, including being spat at and shouted at, and said: "I even remember once someone threatened him saying they were taking a gun with them to a certain match and I can still remember watching that match in absolute fear on the TV."

She added: "There isn't a day that goes by that either one of us don't receive a message of some sort, whether it be a threat, or else telling us to get the f*** out of England."